November 7, 2017

11 Things Salon Suite Owners Should Share on Social Media

Social media platforms give Salon Suite owners a free salon marketing tool which – used effectively – can increase brand awareness and support client acquisition and retention goals.
Adopt a social media salon marketing strategy that “gives the people what they want” on social media in the form of engaging, share-worthy, buzz-building content. 

​11 Social Media Musts: Salon Marketing Advice for Salon Suite Owners 

​​1 – Stories
Your entrepreneurial story. Your artistic story. Industry stories. Client stories.
Stories arouse interest, feed the imagination and create connections. Telling a story instantly transforms your marketing from “selling” to entertaining, educating and intriguing. Any time you can create a hunger for “what happens next?” and hook a reader, you’ve communicated something that will stick with them far longer than an ad or offer ever will.
2 – Advice
Any time you share advice with a client in the chair, remind yourself that the problem they are experiencing is not unique. Make a note to share that same piece of advice with your social followers in an upcoming post and increase your value as an expert beauty resource.
3 – Influence
How many times has a client asked you whether you know a good handyman, plumber, car repair, realtor, restaurant or some other type of business or professional? You can share these recommendations as part of a social media strategy expands your role as an expert resource.
By sharing these types of recommendations publicly, you also make it more likely that other professionals will reach out to you, perhaps even becoming clients. After all, they know that you know a lot of people in the community and you’re vocal in giving recognition and referrals.
4 – Demonstrations
Step-by-step photo and video content is HUGE! Video is the most-shared and most-consumed content on social media. Chances are that you could be creating short video demos just about every day showing techniques people may want to use at home or which share your expertise with other beauty professionals, enhancing your image as an industry expert. These video projects could even help you if you’re interested in becoming a professional educator, both by creating a library of work as well as giving you the ability to hone your presentation skills.
5 – Affirmations
People sometimes feel surrounded by negativity. They see it on the news, they hear it at work – and sometimes even at home – and certainly it pervades social media. You can be someone’s SUNSHINE by sharing affirmational quotes, thoughts and imagery and by giving a shout out to clients, colleagues or community members who deserve recognition.
6 – Ideas
Creativity and imagination begets more creativity. Sharing ideas and inspiration can help social followers imagine themselves being transformed under your skilled care.
7 – Leadership
Are you involved in local networking groups or community associations? Share updates about what these groups are doing on your social networks. It tells social followers that you aren’t just an expert in your field, you’re connected and influential within the community. These updates can also help you attract new clients from within the very same networking groups and community associations.
8 – The Add to Value
Every time you create a promotion for your Salon Suite, it should be about the value-add, not the discount. Focusing on the value of an offer lets people know that you’re generous; you’re willing to give them more for their money. Focusing on discounts attracts discount shoppers and may diminish the perceived value social followers attribute to your Salon Suite’s products or services.
Your Salon Suite’s add-to-value in the greater community also makes for great social media content. This could include fundraising, charity events, give-backs where you donate services or products, and more. By sharing your participation, you’re bringing even more attention to the causes you support and encouraging people (social followers, colleagues, clients, etc.) to follow your example.
9 – Transformations
Before-and-after transformations are a great way to inspire without giving all the secrets away in step-by-step photo or video content. You can show before-and-after transformations in either photo or video formats, taking shots at the beginning and conclusion of an appointment.
10 – Studies and Statistics
There are studies and statistics on beauty topics published every year that could be interesting to your social followers and help start product and service discussions. Likewise, YOU can conduct informal polls using social media on different topics to attract social media user interest and start conversations.
11 – Invitations
No more than 1 in 5 of your social posts should be overtly promotional, but you do need to invite people to take action! At the end of content offering advice, sharing ideas, demonstrating step-by-steps or showing before-and-after transformations you can invite social followers to book an appointment or find out more. The content itself is not overly-promotional, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invite people to take the next step.
What about you? Have you ever had a salon social media update that went viral or got a lot of likes and shares? What was it, and how did you build on the success?  Leave your comment below.  
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