December 19, 2018

6 Tips to Keep Your Salon Suite Busy After the Holidays

I know you are probably swamped this week and welcome a little break, but we all know that after this busy holiday season, work tends to slow down a bit. So how do you keep this steady flow of business going? Here are just a few tips to keep up this momentum!

  1. Gift card use. We hope you’ve been pushing gift cards/certificates for your salon suite all holiday season long. Your clients will be eager to cash those in. Try to up-sell your clients with some of the amazing products you sell in your salon suite or a new service you are offering this year.
  2. Plan ahead! Make sure you have a vision of where you want your salon suite to be going in 2019. Do you want to offer more products? More services? Fun events? Create a calendar of what you would like to see or do in your salon suite for every month of the year. Write down action steps and grab an accountability partner and you are on your way!
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA is the best way to get your name out there and reach your clients. Build up your social followers by setting a goal. “I will get 5 new followers a day.” Now, how will you accomplish this? Post in community groups on Facebook about your business, research hashtags that will get you noticed, share some amazing transformation photos, a New Year’s promotion or some amazing products you sell in your salon suite.
  4. Offer Seasonal Promotions. As you enter the slower months for your business, offer up some deals that you clients can’t refuse. Special Spa promotions (cross-promotions with another MY SALON Suite/Salon Plaza member), Valentine’s Day promotion, Girls Night Out event, etc.
  5. Send out reminders to your clients that you haven’t seen them since the holidays and say “we miss you!” A simple reminder might help get that appointment
  6. Offer a referral program for 2019. Offer to your clients if they refer a friend, they get a percentage or certain dollar amount off their next service. (Make sure to send a thank you note as well!)
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