July 31, 2019

Find Your Tribe with Networking

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.” Every good business owner has a tribe behind them cheering them on. Lucky for you, you have a built in tribe at your MY SALON Suite or Salon Plaza location. You can work together to build each other’s businesses. Promote each other, refer clients to them and share in their successes. 

Natalie Franke, the founder of the Rising Tide Society said it best. “When we say ‘community over competition,’ we’re not saying community without competition; we’re saying that people come first, and that the good of all industries and the way we leave this world behind, really does matter. Community over competition means that we don’t step on other people to succeed, we don’t snuff out someone else’s light to let  ours shine brighter. We elevate the voices of those around us, we seek camaraderie, and we join hands and forces as we step forward into the way our industries should be both today and tomorrow.” 

Find your group that will hold you accountable, cheer you on and will work collaboratively with you to refer clients to each other. You can hold mixers together, go in on a marketing or giveaway campaign together and attend local marketing events like Chamber of Commerce or BNI (Business Networking International chapters) events together. Below are just a few ideas to get started:

  1. Sponsor & Participate in Local Events: offering special offers and coupons to clients of local community events and host customer appreciation days during shopping events to help drive future business through giveaways and discounts.
  2. Cross-Promote with Coupons & Offers: You and another Suite Elite member could both offer a special discount for each other’s business to your customer base. You could also build small business collaboration into a group customer retention program, offering rewards and offers not only for your own business, but for the other businesses in your tribe as well, helping spread the love.
  3. Co-Market Your Services: Another way to collaborate with local businesses is to co-market your services.. For example, an esthetician could work with hair stylist to create a guide on hair and skin trends, each business contributing their expertise, their logo, and offering this content to their clients via email marketing or a blog of your own.
  4. Create Product & Services Packages: Create special offers and packages for  your clients with other Suite Elite members.
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