June 15, 2022

Make It Yours, Next Level with Nicole de la Garza

Nicole De La Garza opened her hair salon in the West University MY SALON Suite location in February 2019. She specializes in haircuts, extensions, color, and vivids. Prior to opening her own salon with MY SALON Suite, she worked at a top salon in Houston for more than seven years. Earlier in her career, she completed the Cosmetology program at San Jacinto College in Channel View.


“I feel very blessed to have amazing clients who have supported me along my journey to owning my own salon,” said De La Garza. “I was so proud to sign my third lease at the beginning of 2021, knowing that I not only survived, but thrived through COVID. My clients felt comfortable being in my suite, just the two of us.”


De La Garza plans to grow her business with MY SALON Suite and looks forward to hiring additional employees and pursue teaching opportunities in her specialty areas. Right now, she is enjoying the flexibility and freedom of owning and growing her own business. 


Tell us about the entire process of being a Featured Member and what you loved about it? 

“My entire process as a Featured Member has been an amazing whirlwind of emotions. From the day of being told I was 1 of the 11 chosen out of 5000+ members to represent this company has been one of my biggest accomplishments.”

What are your favorite parts about your suite now?

“My favorite parts of my suite now for sure is my new chandelier, the organization and for sure the new coat of Hannah banana yellow paint!”

What have your clients said about your suite? 

“They seem to really enjoy the new upgrades as well. Especially the chandelier.”

How has it made you feel more creative in your space? How has it helped you with your craft?

“The space is brighter and feels more open.”


What does it mean to you to be a Suite Elite Featured Member?

“Being a Suite Elite Featured Member to me means being a representation of not only the company but specifically my location. I believe it means being the person other Members can come and talk to if they have questions or concerns. Being the person that is able to help guests that may seem lost or confused because it’s their first time at the suites. It means a lot of different things to me. But for sure it means that I am worthy of anything I put my mind to and hard work DOES pay off!”

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