April 3, 2019

Suite Elite Share Your Story: Thomas Mannarino


We love our members! We recently asked our members to share their stories with us. Follow along on our blog and we will be highlighting Suite Elite members throughout the year!

​Thomas’s Story:
Thomas Mannarino is a member at MY SALON Suite of White Plains in New York. This is his  40th year in the business! Thomas said he is loving the #SuiteLife! From his amazing franchise owners to the salon suite members at his location, he is incredibly happy he made the move to MY SALON Suite!

“I started in New York City and have been in West Chester ever since. My work has been featured in music videos and featured in Passion magazine.Three years ago, a friend of mine came to MY SALON Suite and I decided to rent the studio next door after seeing it was open. It is the best thing I’ve ever done!  I love what I do! I love giving personal attention to my clients and having this studio  feels like you’re in my kitchen  and we’re all hanging out. My clients feel like they can be themselves. My clients can see a piece of me in my studio- I can have my own style and show it off.”

“This is an amazing place to be and I believe it is the way of the future. This is how people will own their own salons.”

“There is a camaraderie between members. Everyone is so kind and polite to each other and can recommend clients next door and share business. “

Why the beauty industry?   “I’ve always been in the beauty industry. I did costume design at one point. Hairdressing was another passion of mine but easier for me to become a hair dresser. I love my clients and have the most amazing clients.”

What does owning your own business mean to you? “Freedom to what I’ve always envisioned it could be.  My clients feel like they are experiencing something branded and they love it.”

How has it impacted your life? “I  can’t wait to get here to work.  In other places, I couldn’t wait to go home. But being in my studio is really being at home!  I’ve had a big time financial shift, almost scary how big!”

What is your advice to people thinking about joining the Suite Elite?  “Just do it, don’t be afraid- I did it on a whim and if it feels right, just do it. It is a wonderful opportunity! You’re going to make more money than you ever thought you could make.”

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