November 10, 2015



Take These 7 Steps in 7 Days and Reap The Rewards

Thought Process: Don’t waist time figuring it out on your own – Follow the action steps that are proven to work.
To attract clients like crazy, choose your MARKET, your MESSAGE, and your MEDIA.
Day 1: Determine WHO you want to attract: This is your MARKET.

List the characteristics of your best clients – the type of people you’d like to attract. What problems do you solve for them? What pain do you eliminate? What dream or desires do you help them fulfill? You are not just providing hair care, you are giving them a better life. How might his or her life change? What are the real benefits of the services you provide?
Day 2: Survey your clients to uncover what you’re really good at.
This is your unique difference that will become your MESSAGE.
Ask each client you see today what they like best about you. If it’s his first time in, how did he find you? What one thing stands out in his mind about his or her service today? If she is a regular client, ask what keeps her coming back to you… what one thing would she not change?
Day 3: Come up with an irresistible offer and give it a unique, descriptive name.
This is another element of your MESSAGE.
It could be an extra service or a product discount. How about a two for one – “Bring a friend for the price of one service.” Referrals are most likely to become regular clients.
Come up with a unique NAME for this special service. You must clearly tell them what you want them to do, and create urgency with a limited offer – “Bring in this card before DATE to get your extra special service.” (If they come a few days late, still honor it – it got them to call for an appointment!)
Day 5: Now create your compelling MEDIA.
This is a “salon business card” – on overdrive!
Type or handwrite you message. Go to a shop like Kinko’s and print it out on yellow cardstock because yellow gets the most calls. You can add a black and white photo of you, if you’d like. This is your MESSAGE to your MARKET on your chosen MEDIA – with your irresistible offer.
Day 6: Hit the pavement.
Go to the business next door and offer to host their business cards in exchange for offering your announcement. Go to the nearest upscale shopping area and causally talk to people. Hand it out to people who look like someone you’d like as a client. Do a little every day, and it will begin to work for you.
Day 7: Track your results.
How much time did you spend creating and handing out this announcement? How much money did you spend? Keep track of how many people bring in that coupon. How much money did you take in as a result of TAKING ACTION that you would not have earned otherwise? How many new clients did you attract? 

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