December 1, 2015



This Third Largest Social Media Site Is PERFECT For Us!
Thought Process: Stay current, and catch the rising tide for branding and building your community.
Quiz Time:  Which new social media site is creating the most buzz right now? I’m SURE you’ve heard of it…
In just four years it has become the third largest social media site, after Facebook and Twitter.
For our VISUAL beauty industry, Pinterest is Perfect for showcasing your work and sharing it with friends and clients. They will want to share or “pin” your photos with their friends.
Right now you may be wondering:
“How can I use Pinterest to get more clients?”
Here’s how to use Pinterest to improve your profile and your profits:
Tell a good story with your pictures. 
Stories draw people in and give them something to share. Tell the story of how you uplift your clients, inside and out… Do you give a client consultation? A therapeutic shampoo? How about a before and after story?
Show your work as it progresses. A great story told with high quality photos leave a positive impression, draw in beauty-minded “pinners” to view and share your work… and call for an appointment!

Use Pinterest to show what makes you different from all the rest 
Remember, there’s only one YOU. If you need help saying what makes you unique, go back to the beginning of these secrets. Answer the questions which are designed to help you describe the real you. Say it in pictures… and you’re HOT!
Offer specials to prospects and existing customers 
Short, well-written descriptions of images keep your prospects’ attention longer. Write about the SOLUTION to a PROBLEM you solved – dry hair, color improvements… Let them know what you did to create the beauty they see in the photo.
Pinterest works well with Twitter and Facebook 
Use your mobile device to post photos as soon as you take them to bring your clients into your salon activities. Keep everyone in the flow and up to date… it’s exciting!
Build a virtual community with your clients – they’ll tell their friends 
Your Pinterest virtual community welcomes prospects and keep clients up to date with the latest trends. Reward your best pinners with a special service or discount.
Use Pinterest to attract new clients like crazy! 
Use the ‘Pin it Button’ to help others share your offers with their friends and family. It works just like Facebook’s ‘Like’ and Twitter’s ‘Tweet’ buttons. Give it a try and let us know what happens.
Run Promotions and Contests 
Contests are a popular way to get prospect and clients to interact with you and each other, building your following.
Here are some special guidelines to get started right:

  • Be clear about your contest rules and rewards
  • Give clear instructions and simple steps for people to play
  • Link to your Pinterest account from your website, Facebook and Twitter sites
  • Prevent spam by following Pinterest’s anti-spam guidelines and keep your contest fun
  • Be authentic: Reward pinning quality, not just how many pins are given

Take time to develop your personal brand on Pinterest. With lots of photos of your work and a little effort, you can easily use this social media phenomenon to your best advantage! 

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