March 29, 2016



How To Give Personal Attention To Keep Your Clients Loyal

Thought Process: “Every salon’s greatest asset is its clientele, because without clients, there is no salon!”

Two-thirds of all clients change their salon, and the number one reason given by departing clients is  – “the owner just didn’t give me enough personal attention anymore.”

Each client is unique. Yet one thing they all have in common is they want and deserve SPECIAL ATTENTION maybe more often than you have time and space to give it to them.

You are busy. Preoccupied with running your salon. Aggravated with that leaky faucet, empty chair, or other drama you have to deal with every day at your salon. Tired and frazzled. Who has time or energy to even think about the client experience?

For owners of traditional, multi-chair salon, there is a SOLUTION!

Have you ever thought of owning a ‘Satellite Salon’? It would be a gathering place between home and your main salon. A salon space where you can have everything just the way you want it to be.

When you greet your clients at your private satellite location, you can easily focus on them 1 to 1. Decorate it just as you like. Play music of your choice to suit the mood – a private, fully-equipped one chair salon with an atmosphere that reflects you.

Here you can create peaceful environment. A haven from the hustle, bustle,  noise, commotion and drama of your traditional salon. In this uncrowded, personal salon space with NO cash investment, NO maintenance, NO employees, NO disruptions – you can easily focus on your very special clients 1 to 1.

Your clients are the most important visitors to your salon. The purpose for your work, you depend on them

Their loyalty is priceless.

It’s your job every day to make every important aspect of the client experience a little bit better. If you do build a great experience, clients will tell each other about it. Word of mouth is very powerful.

Your beautifully equipped Satellite Salon Space will give you everything you need to expand your salon to a second location, with all the prestige and recognition that gives you:

Now you CAN give your clients the personal attention they crave. Clients love the privacy, and you get to establish a bond that is not possible in your multi- chaired traditional salon.

At MY SALON Suite we can only accommodate a few very special satellite salons, so it’s important to call me and let me know you are interested in exploring this unique opportunity. Just for coming in to look and dream and decide if this is the
right next step for YOUR salon, you’ll go home with all the information you need to Join the Suite Movement!

Come see us, and discover if this is just what you need to make it easy for you to expand your salon and pamper your clients in an atmosphere that exactly reflects YOU.

Many of our Members previously owned a traditional, multi-chair salon. Once they experienced how much easier it is to run their salon out of a MY SALON Suite, they decided this is the better way to go.

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