May 4, 2016



The Only Way To Get A Big Bang For Your Marketing Bucks
Thought Process: Make sure the money and time you spend building your business actually pays off!
The ONLY way to get the biggest bang for your efforts is to set goals and track the results.
Develop A Client Attraction Plan For Your Salon
Every goal a needs plan, and marketing your beauty salon is no exception. A simple client attraction plan will help you accomplish the business income goals you have in mind.
Now don’t let your eyes glaze over when I mention writing down your plans…
Your goal could be as simple as, “Get two new clients a month for the next 3 months”. Your plan could be to visit your favorite dress shop once a week and pretend to look for a new outfit, while you casually strike up a conversation with people you’d like as clients.
Use your “elevator talk” you came up with in our previous post. So you don’t miss anything in this 10 Step Guerrilla Marketing Series for Salons… get them delivered directly to your inbox!
For The Stylist With Big Dreams!
If you’re already a skilled goal-setter, now is the time to revisit your goals and add more detailed steps and a longer time-frame – a One-Year Marketing Plan is ideal. As a salon professional with the desire to grow, commit your goals to writing so have an action plan to follow.
It doesn’t hurt to post your Client Attraction Plan on a wall in your home where you can see it daily. (Or your Facebook wall, for that matter – your friends can keep you accountable!)

Speaking of being accountable, the next step to guarantee results is to track what you do and the results you get. For instance, lets stay with that goal of 2 new clients a month from meeting and greeting people at a local dress shop.
Track & Test What You Do
You must keep track of what you do and the results you get. If you go prospecting at 5:00 on a Tuesday and find that people are too busy to want to talk, and then you go to that same shop on a Saturday at 11:00 and find people in a relaxed, friendly mood, that tells you something.
Make note and go more often on Saturdays. The point is, when you don’t already know what works best, as a good marketer, tweek what you are doing until you get your attraction magnet.
Know Your Goals & Stay Accountable!
By setting the goal, testing what you do, and tracking the response, you can fine- tune your approach. That’s the only way to compare the time and money you spend with your real income growth — and get the biggest bang for your bucks.
The same goes for placing an ad. The second time you run it, try a different offer and see which works best. Only change ONE THING at a time – otherwise, you won’t be able to judge which tweek made the difference. 
Make A Name For Yourself
It will be exciting to watch your goals come to life when you do what you can to attract more clients and make a name for yourself.
To stay on track, each week:

  • List the steps you’ve taken toward your goals
  • Celebrate your success!
  • Were there any setbacks?
  • How can you blast past them in the future?
  • Plan what you will do next week to build your business.

At the end of the 3 months, you’ll see how little steps consistently taken can add up to huge gains!
Apply yourself. Go the extra mile. It may take discipline and courage to keep going, one step at a time, but it’s worth it to see your business blossom before your eyes. Success starts with identifying your goals and doing whatever it takes to make them happen.
If you set realistic goals and measure your progress, your hard work will pay off beautifully.  And remember, MY SALON Suite is here to help you achieve your goals every step of the way! 

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