May 18, 2016



Take One Simple Step For More Referrals, More Visits & Higher Average Sales!

FAIR WARNING: This Suite Success Secret is not for newbies. If you’re just starting out as a hairstylist, barber, nail tech, or esthetician, your “job” is to focus on bringing in new clients.

If you are an experienced cosmetologist with an established client base, your best guerrilla marketing strategy is to focus on developing the business you already have – by taking one small step.

THOUGHT PROCESS: Your Current Clients Are Your Goldmine! You see, you have three ways to grow your clientele:

  1. Attract new clients
  2. Invite your current clients to come in more often
  3. Increase the average ticket of each visit

If freedom, control and the best environment to serve are what you are looking for, this is it. But don’t take my word for it. Take the tour and meet other successful salon owners at the MY SALON Suite nearest you.

Let’s take a minute to look at what this will do for your revenues:

Consider Linda, a long time client of Shandra. Linda refers a new client, Tammy, to Shandra. Tammy spends $50. If Tammy comes in 6 times through the year and each time spends about the same, Shandra will earn $300.

If you take our advice and use the 3X multiplier, this is what you could earn: Tammy buys products to keep her hair looking great. Revenues from her visits:
$70. She comes in once a month: $70 x $12 = $840. If Tammy refers a similar client, now you’re talking! That’s $840 x 2 = $1680.

$300 jumped to $1680!!!

That’s WAY MORE than triple the revenues! What do you think… maybe Shandra should give a FREE service to Linda as a thank you! Sounds good – Now how do you do it?

By asking yourself the right questions and taking small steps. Forget cataclysmic changes. They are like crash diets – even if they WORK, they don’t LAST!!

The way to make lasting improvements is to start with one small step.

Ask Small Questions:
What is one way I can remind myself to recommend products to my clients?
If referrals were my top priority, what would I be doing differently today?
How can I encourage my clients to come in for a few more visits this year?
What one small step could I take toward improving the client experience?
If I were guaranteed not to fail, what would I be doing differently to earn more revenues?
What is one small thing that is special about my salon?

These questions are designed to overcome fear, resistance, and the “I cant’s”. Your mind loves to play with questions and can’t resist coming up with an answer.

Now what do you do? Take Small Actions: Ask yourself,
“What simple step could I take that might improve my number of referrals?”

Keep asking yourself this question, and write down what you come up with. The secret here is to take SMALL steps. For example, lets say your first thought is to go online and find a referral system to buy. That’s HUGE – it involves money, a learning curve, and time to put the system in place.

Ask the question again, and again, until you get to the simplest step – such
as: “Every Friday morning I’ll ask my first client of the day for a referral.” An easy step like that.

Once that becomes your standard, you can add another small step, and another… until you build your own referral system from the ground up.

A referral system that is already a habit, step-by-step!

By taking steps so tiny they seem almost laughable, you’ll calmly sail past any obstacles that could have stopped you cold. Slowly and painlessly, you’ll develop an appetite for growth and carve out a permanent new route to success.

This will be one tiny step for your future…!

Want to make sure “small steps toward change” will work its magic for you?

Give Small Rewards: When you wish to train yourself to fulfill your dreams, small rewards encourage you perfectly! Easy and inexpensive, they heighten your motivation for changes that stick.

Here’s the golden question to ask yourself: “What makes me feel appreciated?”
Choose a free or inexpensive reward that is appropriate for the goal – such as, whenever you ask for a referral, you get to play your favorite happy song on your iPod…

What Small Action Toward Your Heart’s Desire Will YOU Take Today? “The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.”
~ Lao-tzu

What are you waiting for?

If freedom, control and the best environment to serve are what you are looking for, this is it. But don’t take my word for it. Take the tour and meet other successful salon owners at a MY SALON Suite near you.

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