November 25, 2016

Suite Success Secret #51

​How We Inspire $100K Salon Suite Owners

Sweet success comes from Suite success, and this is the premise behind our $100k Suite Owner mentality. We help our Members work smarter, so that their hard work will pay off enabling them to grow their business to a level that provides them greater financial success and security.
We believe our program is uniquely geared to help MY SALON Suite Members realize greater earning potential. In many salon business models, stylists or booth renters continue to retain only a portion of the earnings they create for a salon, no matter how much additional revenue their presence there brings to the business. For our Members, this is isn’t the case.
Since MY SALON Suite Member costs are transparent and fixed, our Members have the ability to earn more and keep more of what they earn as they bring in more clients and sell more services. We create an environment that enables them to offer clients a great customer experience from day one, with fully-furnished, beautiful salon spaces personalized by Members to reflect their own professional brand and personality. From security to laundry, restrooms, common areas, and client comfort, we try to think of everything needed so that Members can focus on what they do best. Our facilities become an extension of Suite Members’ client acquisition and retention efforts.
Our partnership doesn’t end at capped expenses; we also provide systems, tools, and resources our Members can use to become better business owners as well as better beauty professionals. We include some of these resources here on our blog, but that’s just the beginning.
We infuse “FLAIR” throughout the Suite experience. These are the values that characterize our organization and help to support Members in their efforts at becoming $100K Suite Owners:

  • Fun – Approach every interaction with joy and happiness
  • Loving – Take care of yourself, each other, and the community
  • Creative – Imagine the possibilities, freedom to be you
  • Inspired – Influence, discover and grow
  • Entrepreneurs – Reduce costs, minimize risk and maximize profit

One thing we truly understand is the unique mix it takes to be a successful business owner and a successful beauty professional, requiring artistry, creativity, entrepreneurialism, and pragmatic business ownership skills all in the same person. For this reason, we provide a detailed road map Members can use that shows them exactly what they need to do – how many clients they need to have, how many service dollars they need to earn and how much retail product they need to sell if they want to become a $100K Suite Owner or reach even higher.
This proven system has been the means of helping countless stylists and Suite Members realize their financial goals. We show our Members how they can actually build wealth, not just a book of business!
Our system enables Members to identify which stage they’re in and design a plan for moving to the next level. Next they can literally plot a daily course that will help them achieve the growth they need to move to the next level and – ultimately – to the $100,000 earning level they want to reach and surpass. Reaching these goals becomes the pathway to home ownership, savings and retirement accounts, debt elimination, investments and more.
System in hand, Members also get exclusive tools, ideas, and resources they can use to successfully traverse the journey to becoming $100K Suite Owners, including the articles you see here on our blog.  In addition, we have a strong and growing library of Member-only $100K Tips, tools and resources that give our Members a clear advantage.  
Our Member-only app contains articles that “go deep” with in-depth how-to and guidance on a wide range of business and marketing topics. Many of them also have Member-only downloads for worksheets our Suite Members can use to put what they’ve learned into actionable insights needed to grow their book of business more quickly. We even give Suite Members an easy-to-use marketing plan every month that shows them how to use email and social media to attract and engage clients, provides scripts for social posts and email promotions, and gives them specific ideas for in-salon promotions and events.
We’ve chosen to invest in our Members this way because we believe that we’re stronger together than any of us would be on our own; when our Members succeed, we succeed. If this is the type of salon business model that appeals to you, we invite you to contact us to discover MY SALON Suite locations where you can make your salon ownership dreams a reality.

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