December 11, 2019

Benefits of Owning Your Own Salon Suite Business

It can be really scary to go out on your own and leave the dependability and predictability of your job and schedule. One of our Suite Elite Founding Members Shayna Welty said it perfectly, “Leap and the net will appear.” Still not convinced? Here are some benefits of owning your own business.
You’re 100% in Control: When you own your own salon suite business with MY SALON Suite or Salon Plaza, you are 100% in control of YOUR business. You can design your salon suite and show your FLAIR to reflect your personality and work. You can take on as many clients as you would like or take a break for a few days. You can sell the wonderful products your clients will love. You can offer the services you want to provide for your clients and you are not forced to work certain hours. 

You Will Build Something & Watch It Grow: There is nothing more satisfying than building something. You will be able to create your business and brand the way YOU want to while offering products and services that reflect your goal as a salon suite business owner. Once this foundation is built, you can watch it grow into a successful business. You will wonder why you held back for so long. 

Help People Feel Beautiful: Most small business owners report that being able to help their customers or clients is one of the top benefits to owning a business. The beauty industry is especially unique in that it is an industry where you help people feel beautiful everyday- how many people can say that? 
Flexibility: Many of our Suite Elite Members report that having the flexibility in their schedule and maintaining a work/life balance is important to them. Taking vacations, raising a family, and choosing your work schedule that best suits your lifestyle are all reasons to own your own salon suite business. 

Make More Money: Did you know that 3 out of 4 of our Members report making more money? We’ve heard from Members who have had their incomes double and even triple since taking that step and owning their own salon suite business with MY SALON Suite or Salon Plaza. Check out our video of our Founding Members to learn more and make sure you read their stories:

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