About us

What is MY SALON Suite®?

Luxury, personality, and FLAIR™ all combine to create a suite concept that stands out from the rest. We bring beauty professionals together, across a wide variety of specialties, providing space to be yourself, build your business, and benefit from a creative community.

Alan and Al, our founding fathers, wanted more from the salon industry than just a space to run their business. They wanted to build a community and to share that freedom with their fellow entrepreneurs. Years later, Uncle Al, his niece Alanna, and her husband Ken, built the first MY SALON Suite in New Orleans, Louisiana. It quickly blossomed into a second, then a third and now over 100 locations all across North America.

  • Truman Guzman

    Built with you in mind

    MY SALON Suite isn’t just another place to rent a chair; we’re a space to call your own. Our fully-equipped suites fit all your needs and allow for countless personal touches, from paint to décor, ensuring that your suite is exactly that – yours.

    In addition to being luxurious and secure, every MY SALON Suite is entirely private. We know how important it is to maintain strong relationships with clients, so we keep the noise and distractions down, giving your clients your full attention.

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    Not just a building – we’re a family

    Every MY SALON Suite member, the Suite Elite as we like to call them, is committed to improving their business and inspiring their fellow entrepreneurs. We strive to make it easy for our members to connect their creativity.

    Together with our sister company, Salon Plaza, we’ve built communities in 28 states across the US and even Canada. We’re so eager for beauty professionals like you to come join us, bringing your positive attitude and personal FLAIR™.