July 30, 2015



The MY SALON Suite team got to spend time with the amazing Paul Mitchell family at their first Business rEvolution event in Las Vegas.  The entire experience was so educational and inspiring; we can’t help but share the three key take aways that can make a big impact in your business. 

1. Re-booking Increases Frequency of Visit
How often your clients visit can make a big impact on your bottom line; re-booking before your clients leave can help drive this number up! 
Watch whats happens when you take a client from 4 visits to 6 visits a year on an average $60 ticket price. 

  • 4 visits a year = $240  
  • 6 visits a year = $360
  • That is an additional $120 a year per client.  

Now if you can do that with all of your clients. it could make a big impact.  With just 50 clients you could add $6,000 to your bottom line!!!

2. Prime Time Hours
Make the hours you spend at the salon meaningful; and include time to work on your business. Salon Prime Time hours are are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 3pm to 8pm and Friday and Saturday 8am to 4pm.

3. TakeHome(r) 
If product sales aren’t about 20% of your revenue, then it is time to seriously re-evaluate this opportunity to dramatically boost your bottom line. If sales feels like a dirty word to you, then change your mind set! 

You are an expert at what you do, your client comes to you to for a reason, so don’t let them down by not giving the opportunity to get the same results at home.  Teach them about the products and tools you are using and how they can use it home to get the great style at home.  You owe it to your clients and your bottom line will thank you!

Finally, our favorite quote of the entire event is – “Not everyone gets to be a SALON owner; so let’s be responsible BUSINESS owners”  

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