April 20, 2016



5 Ways To Say The Right Things Every Time

Thought Process: Communicate your unique brand experience to your clients and prospects with a powerful attraction magnet message.

If you’ve been following these Suite Success Secrets, you understand the psychology of why people buy and have designed your unique brand experience.

Now you have everything you need to create a powerful marketing magnet that attracts clients like crazy!

Where Can You Use Your Magnet?

Elevator Talk: In conversations with people you meet, what can you say that will communicate the brand identity you’ve carefully created?

Business Cards: If you’re thinking about opening a salon, choose a name that communicates your brand. If you already own a salon, add a tagline that does the same thing. Images are powerful – add an image that is consistent with your brand.

Posters and Fliers: Put these in places where your target market likes to go, especially where they go to relax and feel their best. Make alliances with local businesses – turn a local business or two into your Avatar.

Advertisements: Does your town have a local newspaper? If you’re thinking of going this more costly route, make sure your ad attracts eyes and motivates them to respond… read how below!

Online: Your website, email follow-up, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest… These all-present opportunities to communicate your unique, personal, consistent brand message.

Having a clear message written specifically for your market is the basis of creating marketing that works. Here’s how to become REALLY GOOD at giving the right message to the right people.

Producing your marketing materials – fliers, postcards, or on-line… takes a little writing. If that sound hard, here’s the secret about

How To Write Persuasively When You Never Thought You Could

Marketing is a conversation. Think of a client who is “ideal” – the kind you’d like to have come in more often. Now just begin telling your favorite client all about your new brand experience. Make a call for real, or imagine you are talking together.

Record your conversation, if you can.

Remember, a general message to everyone attracts no one. Your marketing message must describe the specific problems you solve and the fabulous outcomes you provide.

Review the previous posts on Salon Guerrilla Marketing – They show you why people buy from you and how to discover your unique brand identity.

Every Marketing Message Has These 5 Parts:

  1. Headline: A statement of benefits that catches attention
  2. Problem: What your ideal clients want to overcome
  3. Solution: The transformation they want to achieve
  4. Offer: What’s In It For Them (WIIFM) – Why they should contact you
  5. Call To Action: What you want them to do next – such as, call for an appointment! Be sure to include your contact information… and double check that it’s right!

Great messages come from understanding the challenges, fears, hope and dreams of the people you can best serve.

There’s a knack to writing eye-stopping headlines, attention getting elevator talk, and marketing materials that actually WORK. Follow the process outlined above, and what happens.

What To Do Immediately To Make These Ideas Work:

A great thing to do right away is to look at what your clients are saying about you. What are their main problems and what solutions do you provided? It might be hair care, or simply a need to relax and be heard.

After you became their stylist, what changed for them? Use before and after photos, or a photo of a finished look, even if it’s in black and white.

Make An Offer That Seems Too Good To Be True…

Remember, your goal is to turn a first time client into a long time relationship. So give a little up front. By coming in, they are taking a risk because they don’t know you yet.

Your Call-to-Action is essential – and often overlooked. Tell them what you want them to do, such as call for an appointment. Don’t leave the “command” out, even if it’s obvious to you. Just like good parenting, good marketing takes psychology!

Your contact info should be current and correct. If you have a preferred way to be reached, give that. However, it’s best to have several ways to get in touch, such as online, two phone numbers… Make it easy for them and your marketing materials will work better.

Remember, you can SERVE anyone – you spend your efforts MARKETING to the people who most want your unique brand experience.

Give The Right Message To The Right People!

Now you have what you need to create your “Attraction Magnet” – your marketing materials such as fliers, postcards, website content, Facebook Page and anything else you want to use your message to bring in new business.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to get YOUR clients into your own salon without the hassle of setting your salon space up from scratch, all by yourself? Not to mention, having to find, hire, and manage other stylists!  MY SALON Suite can make those dreams come true!

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