Mary Lewis

Elements Salon

316 Colonades Way Suite 203, Suite 307
Cary North Carolina 27518


Monday through Friday, 6:30pm - 10pm
Sat. 10am - 7pm
Sunday 11AM - 4 PM

With a passion for putting a smile on the face of those seeing their reflection in a mirror, I am dedicated to creating the best possible experience while visiting my salon. My expertise comes from years spent in the beauty industry, continued education, and the choice of great hair care products, providing you with what it takes to maintain the look you want, at all times.
Moving from Oklahoma in 2012, where I was an establish salon and day spa owner and stylist since 1978, (37 plus years), I continue to love and work, in the beauty industry.
Now is the time to secure your appointment and transition into a more confident you.


  • Barber

  • Hair Cuts

  • Hair Services

  • Skincare


  • Scruples Professional Hair Care Product: Classic Line and the White Tea Line NEW!!! Inspired by Nature
  • Driven by Fashion: ProRituals