The Suites

The sweetest suites in the industry

Everything you need is included in your suite. We even cover utilities, A/C, and Wi-Fi. All you need to bring are your clients and your personal FLAIR™.

Our suites are:

  • A Suite Elite colorist in his suiteA suite elite member in her suiteA Suite Elite member using the video camera security system

    Every suite includes high-end equipment, full-sized mirror, separate color bar with sink and storage, granite countertops, and so much more.

    Your clients get your full attention with floor-to-ceiling walls and acoustical ceilings that keep noise and other irritants out of your space.

    Super Secure
    Double-door, buzzer-controlled entry means that, no matter when you’re working, you and your clients can feel safe and secure.

    Environmentally Engaged
    We’re eco-friendly, actively working to reduce energy costs, decrease water consumption, and stay focused on efficiency.

    Uniquely You
    You get to personalize your space with custom paint, furnishings, and other things to make your suite scream “you.”

    Powered by Square
    For card payments, scheduling and more, our relationship with Square keeps your business ahead of the curve.

See the suites for yourself

We’re always eager to show off our suites, so take a moment to soak in the scenery.

Your suite

You deserve a space that is entirely yours, with the safety and luxury to make your business bloom. Take control of your future and find the perfect suite to fit your needs.

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