The Suite Elite™ speaks

Each and every one of our members brings something special to the table from the moment they arrive. That’s why we call them the Suite Elite™ — because they’re the best in the industry and we want to celebrate that spirit.

Our members are sweet, strong and always up for a chat, and we’re happy to let them speak for themselves.

Denise East

Suite Elite Member

Truman Guzman

Suite Elite Memeber

Jess Marine

Suite Elite Memeber

  • I can’t wait to get here to work.

    In other places, I couldn’t wait to go home. But being in my studio is really being at home!

    Thomas Mannarino Suite Elite Member
  • I’ve gotten more referrals…

    since moving to MY SALON Suite than ever before. My clients refer more to me now and I’ve had more success at MY SALON Suite. I can create my own customer experience and my clients love that. I’m booked a month out solid and evenings and Saturdays are booked out four months.

    Sherry Holloway Suite Elite Member
  • My favorite thing is being able to…

    close my door and have private conversations with my clients. I feel like that was my whole reason for going to a suite style. That and being able to decorate my own space. Walking into my creation is pretty cool every day.

    Shannon Peterson Shannon Peterson Salon
  • Opening a salon within MY SALON Suite®…

    has saved me on overhead/operating expenses. It has allowed me to have salon ownership without the large upfront cost and risk of building and running a traditional salon and I am able to set my own prices and sell products that will assist me in achieving my financial goals.

    Charmetria Craig-Johnson Suite Elite Member

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