February 19, 2020

10 Social Media Tips For Your Salon Suite Business

In 2020, Social media is the easiest and fastest way to get your message out about your business. It seems simple, but when you really dive into it, it can be overwhelming, confusing and mistakes can be made easily. Below are 10 best social media practices to keep in mind for your salon suite business.
  1. Keep your private profile and business account separate. This may seem obvious for some and shocking for others. You should ALWAYS keep your private social media accounts separate from your business accounts. That doesn’t mean you can’t get personal and real with your followers and clients on social. However, keeping your private profile separate from your business draws that privacy line.
  2. Choose the right social media accounts for your salon suite business. Instagram has been proven to be the BEST social media network for the beauty industry. Social media can be time consuming, so make sure you are devoting your attention to the correct social media with the best reach. Keep track of what posts work best for your business and the time of day you post. Here is a graphic on best times to post to help you out at first.
    1. Instagram: You should post at least one photo a day. You can focus on your services, products, your salon suite atmosphere, etc. Research what hashtags will get you the most reach and always include your city/town your business is in. Use salon industry hashtags like #hair #nails #salon #boss.
    2. Facebook: If you have a business Facebook page (which we strongly encourage), post once a day and include a graphic, video or call to action. Studies have shown that posts with photos show more interaction. Hashtags do not seem to help reach according to data. Use no more than one or two.
    3. Twitter: If you are using twitter, this is entirely different from Facebook and Instagram. Research suggests tweeting 5 times a day. Use 1-2 hashtags to gain followers. More hashtags will do the opposite effect and lower your engagement.
    4. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the most effective social networks. Check out  some marketing strategies for LinkedIn.
  3. Monitor your social media data. The great thing about having a business social media page is there is LOTS of analytics coming your way. You can track and measure your goals (more on that below) Take a look at your analytics each week. You can either pay for a software like Hootsuite to track this or both Instagram and Facebook business pages track these individually.
  4. Create measurable and effective goals. Using that beautiful data every week, create measurable goals for your social media. This could be to create a positive brand awareness for your business, gain X amount of followers each week, strengthen customer service by engaging with your followers and clients via social media, or creating content that will increase engagement.
  5. Brand Your Social Media pages. All of your social media pages should be branded the same way across the board. Make sure your imagery will resonate with your clients and that you are posting engaging content. Company description and logos should be present on all social media accounts as well. Please be aware that LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have different image sizes. You can create these in Canva to fit the correct social media measurements.
  6. Pay attention to Copyright laws. Make sure you are using an image you either created or have purchased the rights to. You CANNOT google an image, save it and use it in a social post without giving credit to the creator. The safest way to make sure you are using an image that does not violate Copyright laws is to create one yourself. There are lots of programs and Apps out there to do this. Canva, WordSwag, and Photoshop just to name a few. If you are looking for free images to use, the websites Unsplash and Pixabay have free images you can use.
  7. Research your competitors. Follow your competitors for what they are doing. See what posts get the most engagement from them. Follow influencers in the beauty industry and engage with them!
  8. Just keep swimming! Social media can be incredibly frustrating because the algorithms are constantly changing. Stick with it, be consistent and keep posting and engaging. To stay up to date on all things social media, you can subscribe to sites like the Social Media Examiner and get weekly emails with updates.
  9. Make sure you use the hashtags #MySuiteMoment and #MakeItYours and be sure to tag @mysalonsuite or @salonplaza to be featured on our Instagram accounts. You also want to make sure you are using the correct hashtags for your business and market. 
  10. Utilize Social Media tools to help grow your salon suite business.

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