August 14, 2019

4 Fresh Fall Marketing Ideas

Looking for a fresh start? Fall is a great time to reevaluate your marketing plans. Services and products and grow your business. Take these last few weeks of summer to draw up a marketing plan for the Fall. Get your clients thinking about a fresh new fall look and prepare for the holiday season.
​1. Fall photo shoot looks
Many families book photoshoots for their families in the fall with the beautiful foliage, sweaters and boots. Work with a local photographer and cross promote. When they book their photoshoot, they also book your services so they look their best!

2. Fresh Fall Color Promotions
With the Fall season, the Fall Foliage hits most of North America. Offer promotions on service options and products that give clients to bring these beautiful fall colors into their lives. Promotions centered around fall colors can boost not only your service revenues but product revenues as well. Some ideas are:

  • all-over hair color services
  • highlights
  • eye shadows
  • lipsticks and lip glosses
  • manicures
  • pedicures
  • nail lacquers
  • hair accessories

3. Face the Season Conditioning Services 
Seasonal weather changes can mean dryer skin, scalp or hair, changes to hair texture, frizz, fly-aways and more. Offer both service and product-based promotions with solutions for client’s most common conditioning needs. This could also be a great time to boost average ticket by offering a deep conditioning treatment at the backbar as an add-on to color appointments or for clients with especially dry or damaged hair.

4. Fall Loyalty Member Offers  
Fall could be the ideal time to move regular clients to the next level. Offer special loyalty rewards based on client referrals, or for clients who opt-in to long-term rebooking (rebooking appointments for the next 6-12 months) or join a VIP program. VIP programs often include long-term rebooking, ensuring clients their first choice in appointment time. They may also include:

  • accelerated loyalty rewards or points accumulation
  • 20 percent savings on retail products
  • freebies, like giving away a makeup or haircare product every quarter
  • buy one-get one gift card opportunities

Run the numbers. If you could get semi-regular clients to move to re-booking and ensure they would be coming in more often, it’s likely that any give-away or discount you include as part of their VIP membership would be a great investment

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