September 26, 2018

7 Steps to Creating Your Own Blog

One very important marketing strategy for your business is creating your own blog. Why? Because blog posts can contribute to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). How many times do people google “Easy hairstyles” or “popular hair trends for fall”? In short, A LOT! While searching, they could stumble across YOUR blog and follow you because of your great advice and tips. Followers lead to clients! Now, that we’ve covered WHY it is important to have your own blog, here are some steps to creating one.

  1. Choose a server. There are a few free sites out there for you to use for your blog. is one of the most popular but and are great and user friendly.
  2. Pick a day of the week to post and STICK TO IT! Reliability is crucial! Make sure that you are a reliable source by posting on the days you say you will. Since most stylists have Mondays off, Mondays might be a great day for you to get that blog post up!
  3. Write what you know. Choose topics that interest you. Make sure that you are knowledgeable about the topic and can offer advice or tips. Be the expert!
  4. Create Amazing Images. Make sure you own the rights to the images you choose. A simple google search will not work due to copyright laws. Make sure you own the rights to your images by either taking them yourself or going to a website that has stock images like Then you can create writing or text in the website and app If you are on your phone, there is an easy to use app called “Word Swag” which is also great and you can add your business logo to the image easily. Both Canva and Word Swag have free images you can you as well. 
  5. Offer a special discount for clients who subscribe to your blog. This will help boost the number of followers you have but also allows your clients to get to know you better and see what you have to offer!
  6. Topic Ideas to Get you Started: Seasonal Styles, Transformations, Updates in your salon, products you carry, tips on styles for the holiday season, discuss an upcoming event, easy hair hacks, etc.
  7. Get social! Post on your social media platforms!

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