August 8, 2018

9 Steps to Increase Sales this fall

Fall can be a busy season; Back to school and work for teachers, holidays, apple picking, carving pumpkins and lots more. We want to get clients in to your business in between all of their busy activities.

  1. Create a referral program: Every time a client refers you to a new customer, offer some kind of reward!  Whether it is a free product, a discount on the next appointment or even as simple as a gift card for coffee.
  2. Create a Loyalty program: This could be as simple as a card, where after 10 appointments, they receive a discount on a product or their next service.
  3. Write a weekly blog of your own: “Write what you know.” Whether that his hair, beauty, nails or make up. Write about your family, your business, anything! People love to learn about what motivates someone.
  4. Offer fresh fall deals such as color promotions, back to school haircuts, etc.: Change it up at the salon a bit so clients feel like they absolutely NEED to get in to see you. New colors for the fall, a back to school deal for students and teachers. Your calendar will fill up fast!
  5. Offer new products: Products are a great way to up sell that appointment. Offer new products at your salon and talk about them to your clients during their serivce.
  6. Ask your clients what THEY want; create a poll which gives you feedback. Offer a gift certificate to one lucky winner as a contest.
  7. Try something new with your social media: go “live”, run a contest, get personal!
  8. Pampering events: Host a “Moms Night Out” event at your Salon and with other Suite Members or host a “Mommy/daughter Day” event.
  9. Run a contest: Show your clients some social media love and ask them to take before and after photos for the Fresh Fall look and have your clients vote for a winner. 
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