September 19, 2018

9 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a new form of marketing but is a trusted and low cost way to reach out to your clients and build relationships with new clients. Many business owners will struggle with what to put into their emails to make sure they are read by recipients and result in a sale or new appointment. Here are some great ideas to keep it fresh!

1. Catchy Title– The title of your email should make the recipient feel like they absolutely NEED to open it. Brainstorm catchy titles like “Fall into Savings with this Amazing Discount at My Salon” or “New Products to Kick Your Style up a Notch at My Salon.”
2. Offer a Discount– Tell your clients that discounts are offered for email recipients only! Subscribers to your email (or blog) will be privy to special discounts, offers or events. Calling it the “VIP List” would give it an extra push!
3. Recap the Week or Discuss the Coming Weeks– Sending an email thanking your clients for an amazing week or giving them a glimpse into the next few weeks at your salon so they can know any offers, products or events you are planning.
4. Introduce an Amazing New Product– Products are a great way to add some extra income to your salon. You get to keep 100% of your profits so promoting what you have and how they work will help your business. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words so take a picture of how that product rocks!
5. Send a “Thank You” Email to Your Clients-You can set up an automated Thank You email to your clients or send an email to your clients at the end of each day or week and thanking them for coming in. It can be a generic email or, if you have the time, create a personal email recapping your appointment with your client and why you loved that they came into your salon. If you can’t do this for every client, pick a few each week and rotate. This is a great personal touch!
6. Automated Appointment Reminders for Clients– Set up appointment reminders for your clients. Create a pretty image and a catchy phrase in the email like “Get ready to feel gorgeous!”
7. Send along some hot seasonal styles– Clients are always looking for the hottest styles. Make sure you include a section of some of the most requested colors or styles of the season.
8. Add some Transformation Photos– Include in a weekly email your favorite transformation of the week. This is a fun way to not only showcase your work, but to make your client(s) feel special too! {Refer to our last blog post about taking insta-worthy photos to make that photo POP!}
9. Create Your Own Blog! More on this next week, but creating your own blog is a great way to market your salon. You can have clients subscribe to your blog and they will receive an email notification when a new blog post is created.

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