December 18, 2019

#SuiteElite Founding Member – Ereiol Gamble – Charlotte, NC

Our #SuiteElite Founding Member this month is Ereiol Gamble from Charlotte, North Carolina. Ereiol (pronounced Ariel) is originally from Hampton, VA but now lives in Charlotte and has been styling hair professionally and independently since 2007 after completing a master cosmetologist program in Atlanta Georgia. She has an extensive customer service and human resources background and was also an 8 year military veteran serving the United States Army. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University but has always had a passion for hair so she knew she’d end up right where she is. She has been with MY SALON Suite since April 2018 and has loved every minute of it. It has been a “total game-changer!”

So how did Ereiol make it hers? “I love a good transformation! I’m often asked what my favorite thing to do with hairstyling is, and honestly it’s transforming someone from drab to fab! With that in mind, I wanted to create a space that was stylish and relaxing, but make you feel excited to be here. I wanted to foster an environment that helps my ladies feel like their hair is a luxury – because it is! I feel  like I am my ‘target client’ and I am able to pull from my customer service background.  I found it was easy to bring in elements that catered to how people want to feel. Every woman just wants to feel special and look beautiful!”Ereiol’s inspiration for her salon suite business, Noir Luxe Beauty Bar, was created because of the personal journey of acceptance with her natural hair. She explained, “there is a perception in society that natural hair wasn’t beautiful, it was problematic and it wasn’t enjoyable. Once I accepted my unique hair the way it is, as  a luxury, I began to see the beauty and versatility in it. Thus, Noir Luxe Beauty was born!” Ereiol describes it as a place where women can begin to love and see their unique hair as the luxury it is. “When you think of something luxurious, you treat it preciously and with the utmost care. Our hair should be the same.” She goes on to say that her mission is to help women of color develop healthy identities about their hair and walk in confidence knowing that their hair is beautiful. “I want women to know that they are beautiful. Period.”

So what does owning her own business mean to her? She said that it means “legacy creation for my family.” As the oldest girl in her family, she has a line of siblings and cousins that look to her for inspiration and she wants to set the tone that with hard work, perseverance and a plan, you can accomplish anything. Ereiol said that much of her success she attributes to her tenacity and not willing to live without trying. “I’m perfectly ok with failure- I am not okay with not trying because you just ever know!” Ereiol also explained that her faith is a big contribution to her success. 

Ereiol shared with us the impact owning her own business with MY SALON Suite has had on her life. Three years ago, she was working in corporate America and had just gone through a divorce and was living in a new city where she didn’t know anyone. Her job paid the bills but she felt it stifled her. “I was bored and unmotivated. So I said, it can’t get any worse than this so I am going to go for it! After a very specific prayer, I was laid off and I hit the ground running and haven’t looked back since. Fast forward to today- I am definitely in a season of reaping all the prayers and hardworking seeds I’ve sown over the years. I’m making double the amount of money I was before. I just purchased my first home! I’m able to say “No” without feeling bad about it, which enables me to say “Yes” more to myself! Creatively, I’m able to explore more. I’m humbled everyday by the impact that I have on others and seeing how something I use to downplay because of fear, has provided me with so many amazing opportunities. And this is just the beginning!”

What piece of advice would Ereiol give to someone thinking about joining the Suite Elite?  “Know that the journey of a thousand miles start with just one step! If you have a desire, a dream and a goal- Just go for it! You are going to work harder than you ever have before, but the value and reward of all that hard work, is a dream no longer deferred! Bet on yourself and blow your own mind!” Great advice! Learn more about Ereiol in her interview. Make sure you follow along with us @mysalonsuite on Instagram to hear more about Ereiol.

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