May 13, 2020

Product Inventory Tracking & Marketing Tips

Whether you are currently back behind the chair at your salon or still working your business from home with the COVID-19 shut downs, you can still promote and sell your products to keep that cash flow a-flowin’. There are many ways to promote your business and the products you carry. Below are some ideas for both in and out of the salon. 

1. Exclusive Previews of Products

Your loyal customers are a key part of how to promote your product, because they are most likely the first ones who will buy it. Offer customers an exclusive preview of a new product you are carrying in the salon. Ask them to write a review to help with your promotion.

2. Social Media Contests

Contests and giveaways work! Social media contests are a fun, easy way of connecting with clients and bringing in more followers for your social media platforms. For example, a Facebook contest can attract 34% new followers on average per campaign. (Source)  Running an Instagram giveaway can help get more traffic to your Instagram page and is a fun way to connect with new followers and potential clients.

3. Email Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that 82% of consumers open emails from businesses, and that 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email? (Source) Which means it is one of the best ways to promote your new service or product. When you email your list of clients, it allows you to easily share news of your product, transformation photos, and information with clients. From there, offering an exclusive discount or promotion is a great way to promote your products and services. 

4. In-Store Promotions

When your clients are there for a service, you can add on a package of products that coincide with their service. For example, they just got an amazing color service at your salon. You could offer a color protection package at a discounted rate or a smoothing shampoo, conditioner and heat protector. This is a great way to upsell when your clients are in the chair.  

5. Share Customer Reviews & True Stories

Who buys a product without looking at the reviews? No one! People will be more likely to sign up or try it out if there’s a fantastic review from another customer. You can also tell a story on social media about your personal experience with that product. Storytelling is key to good marketing. A before and after transformation photo would also be an excellent way to show the product’s capabilities or hop on your Instagram stories and explain the benefits of the product to your followers. 

6. Track Product Inventory

Keep track of what products sell the most. That way, you are not wasting money and inventory space on products no one is purchasing. Work backwards: Assess your clients, their needs and identify which products will help them the most. 

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