July 8, 2020

Self Care Tips For Returning to the Salon

These last few months have been challenging for salon professionals. Between COVID-19 closures, salon reopenings and new safety guidelines, it can be overwhelming. Your clients are excited to see you and we know you are excited to be back behind the chair again. Reopening your salon under new safety measures and ensuring your client safety is your priority. However, it is important to take care of yourself now that you’re back in the salon. 

During quarantine, many of you listened to our Suite Elite & Friends webinars. In those webinars and in some follow up blog posts (Follow Through on Your Goals and Crisis Is Change Forced To Happen, we discussed self care and many of you put that to use. You went for daily walks, you learned, you slowed down. Now, you’re back and the salon is busier than ever. So how do you still stick with your goal of slowing down and enjoying life while also running your salon business? 

  1. Be mindful. Know what you want. Take some time to really think about your goals for the rest of the year and give yourself time to focus. Being mindful of what you truly want for your life and business will focus your energy where it needs and truly make your business a success!
  2. Act on your needs, not your wants. Make sure you are not setting yourself up for failure and only taking on what you absolutely need. Even though you WANT to please everyone and squeeze in those appointments for your clients, focus on YOU and what is best for your business.
  3. Practice Self-Care. Make sure you set some time this month to pamper yourself! Get a massage, have your nails or hair done by a fellow Salon Suite member, go to a virtual or in-person yoga class, whatever it is, DO IT! Taking time to devote to yourself will truly recharge that battery.
  4. Set those boundaries. Make sure you are setting boundaries when it  comes to your business. You will love yourself more when you know your limits and what you can handle as a business owner. Don’t be afraid to say no or ask for help. You have the support with the Suite Elite!
  5. Protect Yourself. Take some time this month to protect yourself. Whatever that means to you. Maybe that is signing up for personal insurance, taking a continuing education course to better your business, making an appointment with a tax advisor or financial advisor, or setting up your child’s college fund.
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