May 6, 2020

Steps To Reopen Your Salon Safely & Successfully

Safety is our priority here at MY SALON Suite and Salon Plaza. We want our Members to come back into their salons safely and put their clients at ease. We also want you to return STRONG and ready to take on your clientele. Below are some steps to help guide you on your journey back behind the chair to ensure that you are ready to welcome all of your clients during the comeback. 

Inform & Prepare: Follow your state government, State Board and/or Department of Health guidelines for your location and profession and take the Barbicide Certification. Display the certificates proudly in your suite. 

Make sure you disinfect your suite fully by following CDC guidelines and follow the protocol as well as secure plenty of PPE. Follow our step by step checklist found in your Suite Elite Connect to guide you on your salon reopening. Please remember to also:

  • Use a mask and offer a mask to your clients (follow state mandates regarding masks)
  • Upgrade sterilization units i.e. autoclave, submersible tray systems; such as Barbicide®
  • Increase or add to your inventory:
    • Non-latex gloves to have in your suite for clients to use when entering/leaving
    • Hair Cutting combs
    • Chemical and cutting capes, aprons, smocks, robes
    • Nail files, buffers, toe separators, flip flops, neck strips, applicatoris, lip gloss brush, cotton pads, wipes, eye protection and any other single-use inventory. 

Other resources to help you include:

CDC Business Resource

OSHA Workplace Guidelines

Communication: Offer online booking and make it as easy as possible for your clients to book an appointment with you. You can even offer a virtual assessment so you can be prepared for their visit since most services are going to require a longer time to complete. Once you have assessed your clients virtually, you will be able to adapt your schedule accordingly. Make sure you are asking your clients some questions to keep you and everyone around you safe. 

  • Have you traveled out of the county/state/country in the last two weeks?
  • Have you been around anyone who is not feeling well, or not feeling well yourself?
  • Let them know you only allow 1 client in your suite at a time
  • Request they not bring any items with them such as books, magazines, crafting materials (knitting or crocheting) etc.
  • Like many other industries, consider taking the clients temperature prior to beginning any services

Social Media Love: Remind your clients of your referral program. Your clients may have friends or colleagues who have lost contact with their salon professionals. Share with your clients how they can leave a 5 Star review for you and share that testimonial across social media channels. You can also encourage your clients to show some amazing before & after transformations after visiting your salon. If you’ve been following our #HatsOn campaign, we’ve been encouraging your clients to wait for you. Now you can tell them, #HatsOff!  

Products & Retail: Revisit your promotions and featured retail items if you’ve been selling your products during the closure. Make sure you are stocked with the products your clients are going to need after they visit you. Virtual consultations are another great way to assess what you are going to need for products and retail. Make sure you ask your clients what they are low on. 

Finally, please remember that when you return, you will be very busy. Appointments will take longer for each client, and you will have to stagger the appointments to give you time to disinfect and clean between your clients. Pace yourself. Focus on one client at a time. Decide what is best for you, your business and your family. Try not to get overwhelmed and remember that we are here to support you every step of the way. 

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