November 13, 2019

Suite Elite Share Your Story: Shirlynn Moore-Barnes

We love celebrating our members and their success! All year long we have been asking our MY SALON Suite and Salon Plaza Members to share their stories with us. Today we are featuring Shirlynn Moore-Barnes who owns her own salon, Looks by Lynn, LLC at MY SALON Suite of Wilmington (Delaware).

A little background about Shirlynn Moores-Barnes: Shirlynn has been with MY SALON Suite for four years. She had always wanted to be a stylist, going from high school to beauty school. She has spent the past 20 years in the beauty industry. Before opening up her own business with MY SALON Suite of Wilmington, she had always worked in a chain salon or mall salon. On one of her lunch breaks, she ran into Jim and Kim Provo, franchise partners for MY SALON Suite of Wilmington. She explained that at first she was a little nervous and skeptical to break out on her own. “Do I have enough clients?” “Can I do this?” And now, four years later, she says, “What was I thinking? Of course I can do this!” 

Why the beauty industry? It came easy to me. I am the oldest of five girls so I was always the one in the house helping out with hair. I like making people feel better about themselves and showing different ways to feel better. When you look good, you feel good. I love being able to get the young girls in my salon and change the societal norms of beauty. I love showing them how beautiful they are!

What does owning business mean to you? It means freedom and flexibility, I can work as much as I want or as little as I want. It means being able to provide for my family with ease. It is less stressful than working in salon with so many personalities. I have that control of when my clients come in. You don’t have to wait for walk-ins. I am so busy I can’t even take walks-ins anymore!

How has it impacted your life? My income has tripled since starting my salon at MY SALON Suite. I am still friends with my old manager and co-workers and they can’t believe it. I just bought a house last year which I never would have been able to before. I can’t believe how much has changed compared to five years ago and now. It is very scary starting a business. It has no choice but to succeed and see it grow.

What piece of advice would you have for a new members just start outing? Give it your all. Don’t be afraid. Fear and faith cannot coexist. You have to be all in or all out.  Take the chance- just do it. Be open to learning other services to offer and clients to take in. You will grow into it. 

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