September 16, 2020

Suite Elite Storytellers 2020; Dot Malone

Our Suite Elite Storyteller features Dot Malone, Master Cosmetologist at MY SALON Suite of Peachtree Corners, GA. Dot owns Savage Beauty Bar. She has an incredible story and is truly an inspiring Member. Dot was a paralegal before coming into the beauty business. She started doing hair after her youngest daughter was born. Within a year of graduating from cosmetology school, she started her business in a suite concept. Dot fell in love with the beauty industry because she enjoys seeing how excited clients are when they get out of the chair. “I work because I love it.” 

Dot loves owning her own business. “It means freedom! I can make my own schedule.” She especially loves her salon owners at MY SALON Suite of Peachtree Corners, Tim and Marty Commons. “Marty and Tim are amazing and always so supportive. I love going into the building everyday.”

During the COVID-19 closures, their location was closed for 30 days. “Things didn’t change for me because as soon as we opened back up my clients were right there. Marty and Tim didn’t require us to pay rent for those 30 days and two weeks free returning to help us get back on our feet. During this time, we bought a house so that helped us out a lot! I felt confident returning because we were trained [on reopening] and stayed in contact with Marty and Tim on cleaning procedures.”

Dot has been able to make her salon suite hers by the decor she uses.  “I’m not very girly per se, but I have paintings and my suite is basic and edgy.  Everyone else is completely different and I love that.” When asked what she loves about MY SALON Suite, she said, “The one thing I love is the cleanliness, the set up and the whole environment from when you walk in… I love my owners and the constant marketing that the company does is really good.”

Dot continues to raise her 5 children, work as a business owner and go to school at Georgia State so that she can one day go to law school. Dot offers this piece of advice  to anyone thinking of being a salon owner with The Suite Elite.“Have patience! Patience and consistency are key.  In this industry the best way to make it is have a great support system and my husband is the best support system.”







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