January 26, 2016



How To Use Mobile Marketing To Keep Your Chair FULL!

Thought Process: If your salon chair is not as full as you’d like, don’t wait and hope – use Mobile Marketing to keep your chair full.

Text Messaging for Salons is IN!

Now that just about everyone carries a cell phone, it’s worth your while to use mobile text messaging to keep you chair consistently full.

Use Automatic Text Messaging To Gain These 4 Benefits:

1.    Stay Top of Mind:
People tend to keep their mobile phone, Smartphone or tablet “ON” all the time. That makes it easy to use automatic mobile messages to stay “Top of Mind” with your prospects and clients. When they need your services, you will be the salon professional they think of first.

2.    Motivate Prospects and Clients to Make Appointments:
Another way to use mobile marketing is to make suggestions and offers that will motivate your contacts to schedule an appointment with you.

3.    Encourage Reviews:
Use text messaging to send them a link to a review site like Yelp. Their comments will help build your online reputation.

4.    Ask for Referrals:
Who do they know that might want what you do? Invite them to forward the text to someone who might want your services – it’s so easy!

Action Step: What you’ll need to get started:

•    A text messaging service called SMS (Short Messaging Service)
•    The mobile phone numbers of clients and prospects
•    A series of pre-written text messages to be sent out automatically

Carefully planned, pre-written messages provide a solid foundation for a text marketing campaign for your salon. An automated SMS service turns text messaging into a “personal secretary” for delivering valuable offers and tips to your clients and prospects.

This is the simplest of ways to make and keep appointments by doing something we are all already doing anyway! 

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