August 24, 2016



5 Ways You Might Be Driving Your Salon Clients Crazy (Without Knowing It)

THOUGHT PROCESS: You can grow your client relationships… and your revenues! Even if you have not time to spare… IF you know how! As every successful salon professional knows, your clients are the life-blood of your salon. Few former clients will ever say WHY they stopped coming in…They just stop coming.
Could You Be Guilty of Driving Your Clients Crazy Without A Clue?

ACTION STEPSUnless you have hundreds of “spare clients” just waiting to fill in the openings left by those you might have driven away, take a moment now to glance at our list below to make sure you’re not unknowingly driving them so crazy they’ve decided to go elsewhere. Each of these “5 DANGERS” link to longer blog post – If any sounds like you, be sure to click through!
1. Taking Too Many Shortcuts
Ever hear your Mom or a teacher say to you…
“Don’t take that shortcut! Do it right the first time and you won’t have to do it again!”
Most clients would never tell you if you’re letting too many details fall through the cracks. As a salon professional, shortcuts can eat into your client retention and referrals.
You will find that arriving ahead of time to get organized and ready for the day will lend a sense of peacefulness and trust to your client experience. Take the time to clean up after each client and keep your salon orderly and sparkling throughout.
2. Slipping into The Negative
Your time with your clients consist of 3 things –

  • What you think
  • What you say
  • What you do

Do you pay attention to how your thoughts, words, and actions impact your visitors? Negativity drains the life right out of relationships. Keep a positive focus and expect good things to happen. Making a positive impact on others starts with thinking good thoughts about yourself. That carries on to seeing and bringing out the beauty in others – which is why they are in your chair to begin with.
To keep your clients coming back to you, here’s how to focus on developing positive habits, positive expectations, and positive self-talk.
3. Multitasking Yourself Right Out of Business
The one thing that clients value most is your undivided attention. When you double book appointments, you run the risk of keeping your clients waiting while you work on someone else. You could spoil that one-to-one feeling of privacy clients crave.
Here’s what one of our successful MY SALON Suite members has to say about what keeps her clients loyal:
“A fabulous hairstyle is a given. What I give my clients is much greater. I’m concerned about the health of my clients’ hair, promoting hair growth, and getting it back to its right condition. I work on building relationships. That’s why I don’t double book clients. My clients get my undivided attention. I know how long it takes to do a hairstyle, one at a time. My clients’ time is their time with me. We talk about a lot more than hair and share our personal stories.”

4. Too Many Surprises
Are you lacking consistency?
Building loyalty is all about creating an exceptional client experience. If your service changes every time they come it, clients won’t know what to expect. This reflects poorly on your professional skills, damages your image, and weakens your brand.
The secret to making a great client experience is to have a consistent routine. Whatever you decide to add to this routine, do the same thing every time. For instance, if you offer coffee and tea one day, make sure to always offer coffee and tea. Your clients will feel relaxed and pampered.
5. Trying to Be Someone You’re Not
Success comes from knowing who you are, believing in yourself, and making the most of your natural abilities. You must discover what works best for you and focus on doing more of it. Practice, repeat, and polish your strengths… and truly give your clients reasons to stay loyal. Your inborn characteristics make you unique. For instance, are you outgoing like a canine or more reserved like a cat? Either personality type can attract new business and build close relationships, if you do what comes naturally.
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