December 22, 2016

Suite Success Secret #54

​A Path to Business Ownership with the Right Tools for the Job 

Prohibitive startup costs are one of the biggest obstacles keeping would-be entrepreneurs from following their dreams.
Instead of putting your professional dreams of salon ownership on hold, find out how MY SALON Suite makes it easy for you to get your own Salon Suite business up and running quickly and inexpensively. 

Low-Cost Path to Business Ownership,
​Fast Track Path to Business Success

Opening a free-standing salon business requires working capital of about $32,000 or more, just to cover the cost of equipment and furnishings. Add to that the cost of a lease, insurance, utilities and operating costs of running a business (marketing, taxes, etc.) and it’s easy to see why many beauty professionals put their own business ownership dreams on hold, simply because the cost of opening their own salon seems unattainable.
What if there were a way to open your own salon business without the hefty up-front costs?
The MY SALON Suite business model is designed to help beauty professionals who want to own their own business realize their dreams more quickly. Because of this, the cost of Salon Suite ownership is not only very affordable, but it’s extremely convenient.
Instead of spending months building out client service areas and negotiating leases, you could become a Salon Suite owner in just a few days, thanks to our move-in ready Salon Suite options. All of our Salon Suites come fully furnished with high-end salon equipment – all of the equipment and furnishings needed to serve clients; including:

  • state-of-the-art shampoo stations
  • styling chair with full-size mirror
  • color bar with sink and storage
  • cushioned flooring to reduce stress and fatigue
  • granite countertops – and more

Once you have selected your Salon Suite, you also have the ability to personalize it to reflect your brand, engage clients, and support the customer experience you desire to provide. These are some of the details that can set your Salon Suite apart from all the other salons in your city, creating a one-of-a-kind client experience and competitive advantage.
Our Suites are spacious, which also creates more opportunity for you to expand services. Nor are you restricted to one type of professional beauty service, since we offer options for a range of beauty professionals including stylists, nail technicians, massage therapists, spa services, skin care estheticians, makeup artists, etc.
Low Operating Expenses, High Returns
Utilities such as electricity, heat and air conditioning are also included, as is Wi-Fi, which not only satisfies the client desire for connectivity, it enables you to run your business more efficiently and inexpensively as well.  Unlike businesses where expenses fluctuate month-to-month, your all-in cost for MY SALON Suite business ownership is a transparent, all-inclusive monthly fee. This makes it easy to determine how much money you need to be making behind the chair in order to not only meet expenses, but thrive.
As a Salon Suite owner, you will no longer have to split revenues with the salon, share gratuities with non-commission co-workers, or sell retail products and watch someone else pocket the money. Our model is designed to encourage you to increase revenues – because you get to keep them! And since you are a business owner, you may also experience tax savings since you are eligible to deduct costs and expenses associated with business ownership that are not available to employees.
Low Costs, High Inspiration
MY SALON Suite Members are further supported by internal, member-only resources, education, and training that makes it easier to build the business of your dreams, and build it quickly. We provide many tools Members can use to see exactly what they need to do to grow to the next level and keep growing.

  • Our Path to $100K lays out exactly what Members need to do each month in service and retail sales in order to move up.
  • Our marketing resources, suggestions, and ideas inspire Members to become experts at promoting their businesses to attract and retain clients, and generate more word of mouth referrals.
  • Our financial and business planners make it easy for Members to go beyond dreaming and create real, actionable strategies for growing and perfecting their businesses.  

While many business owners feel alone and isolated, MY SALON Suite Members are supported peers and mentors who are all committed to their success. Our unique business model and approach means that when you decide this is the right path to business ownership, you instantly become part of a larger community and gain access to ready-made financial, business, and marketing plans.
Stop Putting Your Dreams On Hold
When you choose MY SALON Suite as the path to business ownership, not only can you start your business quickly, you can operate it and grow it more efficiently because of the unique program we offer and additional support we provide. We invite you to find out more about MY SALON Suite ownership opportunities in your area, where you can take a tour, choose your Suite and launch your business – it’s that easy. Contact us for more information today.

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