March 23, 2017

Suite Success Secret #63

​5 Salon Suite Mother’s Day Marketing Plan Musts

Sales of Mother’s Day gift cards can help introduce your Salon Suite to new clients. To make the most of this opportunity, you need a marketing plan that helps you connect with the people who will be buying gifts for a special mom this year.
Identify specific Mother’s Day gift buyer types so that you can reach out to the right people, at the right time, with the right message, in order to increase sales and potentially attract new clients.
In total, the National Retail Federation said U.S. consumers would spend an estimated $21.4 billion on Mother’s Day gifts in 2016, including $4.2 billion on jewelry, $4.1 billion on special outings (like dinner or brunch) and $2.4 billion flowers. However, more than one in four (29 percent) buy gifts for mom from some type of specialty store, and 23 percent purchase gifts from a local small business.
In fact, about $1 billion is spent on personal services such as salon suites and spas. Knowing that beauty services are among the top 10 Mother’s Day gift choices for consumers, it’s important that you identify and connect with the people who are buying gifts for moms. These individuals aren’t necessarily going to be the same type of people you would normally market your Salon Suite business to attract, so you may need to stretch your marketing muscles to get your messages in front of the people who are going to be purchasing Mother’s Day gifts in your area. 

5 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Salon Suites

​Mother’s Day Budgets Come in All Shapes and Sizes
Though most Mother’s Day gifts are purchased for a mom or step-mother, there are others who will be on the gift list as well.  You can reach out with specific suggestions that reference your Salon Suite gift cards and products as ideal for any or all of these categories. 
U.S. consumers celebrating Mother’s Day are expected to spend about $175 on average for Mother’s Day gifts purchased to give to:  
62% – mother / stepmother
23% – wife
10% – daughter
8% – sister
7% – grandmother
7% – friend
2% – Godmother
9% – other relative
In fact, for individuals planning to buy gifts for multiple categories (such as mom + stepmother + grandmother + Godmother) you can promote your options as a no-stress, all-in-one solution and even create packages with value-added-pricing (such as buy 3 get one free) as more Gift Cards are purchased.
Moms Come in All Age Groups
What you learned about marketing to different generations of women can help you plan effective Mother’s Day promotions, because moms come in all ages. From young Millennials to moms who waited longer to start having children to grandparents, aunts, sisters, and other extended family who are helping to raise kids in total or in part, Mother’s Day gifts will be purchased for moms in many different generational brackets, so one-size may not fit all.
Mother’s Day Gift Purchasers Come in All Age Groups, Too
You can’t market effectively if you don’t define your “ideal” buying types and break them down by market segment.  To identify groups of likely Mother’s Day gift buyer types, ask:

  1. Who is receiving the gift? 
  2. Who is buying the gift for this person?

For instance, if a grandmother is receiving the gift and grandchildren are buying the gift, marketing on social media and email could be effective tactics since younger consumers (digital natives) tend to be active on social networks and email.  If a grandmother-aged person is the gift recipient but it’s her husband – a grandfather-aged man – buying for her, promoting offers on social media and email may not be as effective.
In addition to this, remember that households come in all different shapes and sizes as well. As you decide on campaign taglines and imagery, think about both traditional and non-traditional households and come up with targeted campaigns for various types; such as:

  • single mom
  • married mom
  • honorary mom
  • mom in law – and so on

Use Packaging to Persuade
You know that Gift Cards make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts, but your likely buyers may not. How will you help them conceptualize – or visualize – your Salon Suite’s gift cards as the perfect gift for the moms on their lists?  Packaging your Salon Suite’s gift cards along with Mother’s Day greeting cards, gift boxes, or gift baskets with products (like lotions and lip glosses) instantly demonstrates to people that they are ready-made as a gift for mom.
Engage to Persuade
Consumers are going to see hundreds – if not thousands – of commercials between now and Mother’s Day with retailers claiming they have the “perfect” gift and saying “buy me!”  How can you get their attention and break through the clutter? 
Instead of just saying “buy my Salon Suite’s gift cards” for the next few weeks, use Mother’s Day facts, history, statistics, and local ideas to engage people in your area, get their attention and get top of mind awareness for when they actually go out to purchase a gift for mom this year.  Some examples of content that can help you engage on social media, email and even in-Suite signage include:

  • Mother’s Day holiday history and trivia
  • Mother’s Day statistics
  • Lists of “Top 10” things to do in your area on Mother’s Day – including things like outdoor picnic spots, brunches, church services, etc.
  • Quotes and images with quotes about moms
  • Shout outs to great moms among your client base
  • Sharing / asking people to share their “best advice” for new moms
  • Sharing / asking moms (or kids) to share a funny or touching story

People don’t want to be sold, they want to be engaged. They have many options when it comes to buying gifts for Mother’s Day, make sure your Salon Suite’s gift cards are on the top of the list. 

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