April 16, 2017

Suite Success Secret #65

​Unique FLAIR Takes Our Salon Suite Owners to the Top 

Choosing the right type of salon business model and finding partners who are truly invested in your success can make the difference between surviving and thriving in the beauty industry.
Find out how FLAIR is connected to Salon Suite Owner success and imagine how it could impact your success as a beauty industry professional.
In the dictionary, flair is often defined as a characteristic or adjective that distinguishes one from another:

  • a skill, talent, tendency or instinctive ability to appreciate, or make good use of something (e.g., having a flair for excellence, or as in “he or she has a flair for doing color”)
  • a uniquely attractive or desirable quality (e.g., they really know how to dress with flair, or as in, “they have a flair for making clients feel comfortable”)

By definition, flair is a positive difference-maker, something that one can aspire to achieve, master or possess. We agree, and this is precisely why we chose to use the word “flair” to describe the Salon Suite Owners who embody our culture as fun, loving, creative, and Inspired entrepreneurs:
F – fun – Approach every interaction with joy and happiness
L – loving – Take care of yourself, each other, and the community
A – creative – Imaging the possibilities; have the freedom to be you
I – inspired – Influence, discover and grow
R – entrepreneurs – Reduce costs, minimize risk and maximize profit
These are the values that characterize Salon Suite Owners who are well-equipped to build thriving businesses. They are the values that we emphasize as most important at all of our locations. We truly believe that they are the make the difference, creating a better quality of life for Salon Suite Owners and a better experience for clients and colleagues.
Quality of work life is one of the cornerstones of our Salon Suites because we understand that it has a tremendous impact on every other aspect of business. A high quality of work life is directly related and critical to whether you feel engaged at work, your potential for productivity, the client experience, and much more. Consider some of the statistics as curated by TheSocialWorkplace.com:

​​Workplace engagement also affects productivity, which means it can also help to significantly increase profits:
More than 66 percent of business leaders who reported feeling motivated at work also claimed high productivity levels (levels defined as more than 90 percent). Businesses with high levels of engagement improved operating income by 19.2 percent over 12 months while those with low engagement scores saw income decline by 32.7 over the same 12 month period (Towers Watson).
The quality of the workplace that you choose might be the single most important decision you make as a beauty industry professional. Each and every professional choice you have represents a work environment where you might struggle – no matter how talented or experienced you are – or where you might thrive, because conditions are conducive to your success. As you evaluate different salon business models, you should also be exploring the quality of work life each can provide.
For this reason, we choose to prioritize the organizational culture, teamwork and support that you will find as a MY SALON Suite owner. We are purposeful in striving to create a workplace environment where barriers to success have been removed or reduced, where you are free to unleash your creativity behind the chair and in your business environment, where you have control over your work environment, and where you have the freedom to be yourself and play to your own professional strengths and preferences.  
These values represent the flair – or the characteristics that differentiates the MY SALON Suite owner’s experience from other business models. From reducing the costs of launching a Salon Suite business to cultivating a supportive culture and providing the tools and education needed for thriving Suite Owners, we try to leave nothing to chance and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the Suite owner’s quality of work life. As a MY SALON Suite owner, you’ll be equipped from the start with tools you can use to grow your business to the next level, a business plan that helps you continually make progress, and people who are truly invested in helping your business succeed.  We invite you to visit a MY SALON Suite location near you today and find out what makes us different – and what might make us exactly right for you. 

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