November 20, 2019

#SuiteElite Founding Member: Amanda Blue – Buckhead, GA

Our #SuiteElite Founding Member this month is Amanda Blue from Eastpoint, GA. She, went to high school in Decatur, followed by cosmetology school in Decatur, GA. She was in a few different salons renting a chair before coming to MY SALON Suite. She explained that her clients like the private space more and ultimately wants what is best for her clients so in June 2019, she signed a lease with Rob and Angie Zimmerman at MY SALON Suite of Buckhead. From the start, Amanda said that Rob and Angie have been amazing owners and have been very supportive.

We asked Amanda what she loves about being a Member of MY SALON Suite. “I love the freedom and flexibility the Suite Elite offers. My friends and family say I have this free spirit mentality so starting my own business in a salon suite made sense. I’m able to travel and take time off as I please. I don’t have a boss- I tell myself what to do. I don’t have to answer to anyone.”When asked how Amanda was able to “Make It Yours,” she said “I was able to make my salon suite mine by bringing my own personality into it. I painted the walls blue. I’ve been able to create a relaxing environment for my clients which is the most important thing.”

Amanda found her inspiration to go out on her own and start her own business when she knew she could no longer keep up with working two jobs. She knew she wanted to work as a hairstylist full time but was also working another job to support herself. “I was scared to quit my other job I had. I had to take that leap of faith and make it work. Take away the fear and you can flourish!” 

Owning her own business has changed Amanda’s life.. “It means the world that I have the flexibility to do whatever I want. I have a sense of pride and confidence that I didn’t have before.” Amanda explained that she had a major income shift after becoming a Member at MY SALON Suite. “I’m in control of my income and time.”

What piece of advice would Amanda give to someone thinking about joining the Suite Elite? “Don’t be scared, take the leap; you never know what it will do for you. .” Great advice from an amazing Member! Learn more about Amanda in her interview. Make sure you follow along with us @mysalonsuite on Instagram to hear more about Amanda.

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