October 23, 2019

#SuiteElite Founding Member: Beth Garner – Grand Rapids, MI

Beth Garner and her husband owned a salon for five years. About three years into her time at the salon, Beth had first child and at that point was working 60 hours a week. After her second child was born, she ultimately decided to close her salon. “I didn’t want to have to choose between being a business owner and being a mom to my children. I was ready to throw in the towel. But then, I found the Grand Rapids MY SALON Suite and the location opened a block from my previous salon. I decided to take a tour and I really loved it immediately. I loved not having employees, not having to make sure there was enough hair color for other stylists and other things that encompass being a salon owner. I was thrilled with not having to deal with all of that and focus on my business and my clients. So, I moved into my suite with one of my stylists from my previous salon. We share a suite and we each rent half the week. It’s been wonderful. I can go to work and just be a mom and focus on my kids and husband.” Beth has made her business her own for the past three years with MY SALON Suite. 
Beth goes on to explain how the flexibility of being a Suite Elite member has allowed her to take time off when needed. Last summer, Beth’s mother passed away and she explained that she was able to take six weeks off to focus on her family and she did not have to think about anything else. She said “This has been a blessing to me and I am so grateful.”One of the amazing parts of Beth’s story is that in 2019, she has gone from #SuiteElite Founding Member to Franchise Partner. The opportunity came up in the Spring of 2019 for Beth and her family to purchase MY SALON Suite of Grand Rapids. “I’ve been interested in owning a Franchise since I started. I have an entrepreneur’s heart and my dad has fostered that a lot. I thought it was such a great concept.” Beth explained that coming to the decision to go from Member to Franchise Partner was an easy decision after traveling down to New Orleans to learn more about being a Franchise Partner.  “After meeting all of the team members with Suite Management Franchising, I saw how much they loved working with MY SALON Suite and Salon Plaza and it made me want to pursue being a Franchise Partner even more. Everyone has been eager and willing to help me and that’s been so huge. I am really passionate about wanting stylists to succeed and have the same opportunities that I’ve had through renting a suite. Now I can help my members make more money and work less like I have been able to. I want to support them and the Suite Elite has such great tools to do that.”

Beth said that what she loves about MY SALON Suite is that her clients can come to a place where they feel they are getting pampered. “They get all of my attention when they’re at my salon. It is private and beautiful. I can decorate it how I want and make it my own. I still feel like I’m an artist.”  She goes on to say that she was able to make her salon suite her own by putting up some funky wallpaper that makes her feel creative. “I am able to create an atmosphere in my space. I can also take my business to a new level by the Square resources offered to Suite Elite members.”

“As a stylist, I think of owning my own business as taking pride in the work I do and how I invest in my clients. Whether I am giving them a new hairdo or celebrating exciting things with them, it makes me want to take things to the next level for them.”  When asked whether this entire experience has made an impact on her life, Beth said that she has been able to take her time back and everything is in her hands. “I don’t have to be a slave to the work and can now enjoy it. I’m making more money working only 2 days a week in the salon than when I was working 60 hours. We can go on vacations and take whatever time off we need to.”

What piece of advice would Beth give to someone thinking about joining the Suite Elite? “I’ve been in your shoes… the idea of opening your own business is scary but the benefits outweigh everything. We are here to help and we want our Members to succeed.” Great advice from an amazing Member and now Franchise Partner! Learn more about Beth in her interview. Make sure you follow along with us @mysalonsuite on Instagram to hear more about Beth and stay tuned for her Instagram Takeover on Saturday, November 2nd to see what a day in the life of a Suite Elite member and Franchise Partner is like.

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