September 25, 2019

#SuiteElite Founding Member: Jessica Lea Marine – Palm Harbor, FL

Jessica Lea Marine is our featured #SuiteElite Founding Member this month from MY SALON Suite of Palm Harbor. Originally from Colorado, Jess moved to Florida eight years ago. She always had a passion for the hair industry so she went to school and started her career in 2006. She worked for seven years renting a booth at a salon, then moved into a friend’s salon in Palm Harbor to keep her clientele. After being there for a year, she knew she wanted to do something different to grow her brand but didn’t know where to go. As fate would have it, right around then, an ad popped up for MY SALON Suite on Facebook and it was located right across the street, not even a tenth of a mile from where she was working. She was the very first to sign a lease with MY SALON Suite of Palm Harbor and just celebrated her 5 year anniversary in August. 
Jessica expressed that she loves how MY SALON Suite has allowed her to show her creativity and express herself. “I like a lot of color and art and I love that I can express myself through my decor. Not only can I have my space and comfort for my clients and make it my own, but I also have the freedom to be as creative as I want to be and the people surrounding me help support and further my creativity.” Jessica goes on to say that she made her salon suite hers by staying up with the latest trends. She always keeps the latest magazines to see what is on trend and she is constantly switching out images in her beautiful salon suite. (See images below)

So what does owning her own business mean to Jessica? “It allows me the freedom to make my own schedule and stay balanced with what makes me happy in my personal life. My life is not dictated by anyone else. It gives me that balance.”
Jessica goes on to explain the impact joining the Suite Elite has made on her life. “It has changed my life dramatically. I make more money now than before and I am currently waitlisted for my appointments. It has changed my life in every possible way. I’m extremely glad I made this decision.”

What piece of advice would Jess  give to someone thinking about joining the Suite Elite? “Take the chance. Don’t be scared and just go for it- you’ve got so much help surrounding you. It is amazing to see all of the stylists at the salon everyday and it is really motivating. You can only go up. There are endless opportunities.”  Great advice from an inspiring member! Learn more about Jess in her interview. Make sure you follow along with us @mysalonsuite on Instagram to hear more about Jessica and stay tuned for her Instagram Takeover on Thursday October 3rd to see what a day in the life of a Suite Elite member is like.
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