August 21, 2019

#SuiteElite Founding Member: Truman Lively – Las Vegas, NV

Truman Lively is our featured #SuiteElite Founding Member this month from MY SALON Suite of Las Vegas. Originally born in California, Truman moved out to Las Vegas as a child and considers Las Vegas his home. He believes it is a place of opportunity. His mother was a hairdresser and growing up he saw an opportunity to improve the way customer service is in barbering industry. He took that opportunity and set a goal for himself to set a new standard for the barbering industry. Truman has been in the industry for 10 years and has been with MY SALON Suite for two years this September. 

Truman likes to study philosophy and loves reading love reading, He loves having genuine conversations with his clients and creating an environment to do just that. “I like to do things that are simple, live simple and functional..  the foundation of my business is simplicity and functionality. I want my clients to feel free to express themselves without ever holding back. I let them take control of what kind of space they want to create, pick own music, pick what they want on screen, beverages. My goal is to make people as comfortable as possible.”

So what does Truman love about the Suite Elite? “I love the freedom it gives you to be able to be your own person within a business community of professionals. The structure that ensures quality of surroundings that MY SALON Suite provides with the clean facilities and the great owners of franchises and message of positivity that they spread. I’m in love with the brand. I love the functionality and freedom it gives me to be independent and create my own standards and  impact community through business.” 

Truman has made his salon suite his through structure, discipline and positivity, he says. “My customers and the great community around me have supported me in making it my own.” He goes on to explain how he has added his own touches to his salon suite by creating the atmosphere that his clients would like to experience.

When asked how he found his inspiration to own his own salon suite, Truman said,  “I woke up one day and I just kept finding more reason to do what I’m doing. One of the reasons I started was for finances and the reasons trickled on down to the impact I want to make on peoples’ lives, the lifestyle I want to live, and the moments I want to share with people around me.” He continues to explain that when he looks back in 20 years, he wants to be proud of what he has done. 
What does owning a business mean to Truman? “It means everything- being able to provide for myself and the people I love…. Having a voice to be able to make an impact to the barbering community and hair industry. Be my own person while allowing others to be their own person as well. It’s a whole lotta Hakuna Matataa!”

Truman also explained the impact joining the Suite Elite has made on his life. He said it was the best decision he has ever made because he know has more control over what type of financial stability he wants to have and what kind of lifestyle he wants to live. “Being able to make my own schedule and being able to choose how I want to be represented as a brand, being able to give myself opportunities that I would have never had. Being with the Suite Elite has given me an opportunity to make more money, take breaks when I need them, choose how many hours I want to work and represent my brand as a positive one.”

What piece of advice would Truman  give to someone thinking about joining the Suite Elite? “Some of the biggest decisions we make result in some of the biggest changes when you finally decide. If you stay committed and disciplined and know that the only rule is the exception, you can make this your own. And you can definitely thrive no matter the odds and circumstances.” Great advice from an amazing member! Learn more about Truman in his interview. Make sure you follow along with us @mysalonsuite on Instagram to hear more about Truman and stay tuned for his Instagram Takeover on Thursday August 29th to see what a day in the life of a Suite Elite member is like. 

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