February 27, 2019

Tips for Growing Your Salon Suite Business this Spring

With the Spring season ahead, comes new opportunities to grow your Salon Suite business. Spring holidays and promotions could help build up your business and set you on the right path for the rest of the year.

1 –  Attracting New Clients- Extend a new referral program, develop a unique client experience, publish new content on social media, attend a networking event, etc.
2 – Increasing Average Ticket- Increasing average ticket can help your Salon Suite grow and become more profitable without requiring you to spend more time behind the chair.
3 – Employing Pricing Tactics- The way that you price products and services, and even the way you display your prices can positively impact sales based on consumer subconscious and psychological factors.
4 – Expanding Brand Awareness- Increasing brand awareness enables you to start a relationship with people who might not be ready to try your salon services right now for whatever reason – but who may be looking for services like yours in the future.
5 – Building Expert Authority- You can build expert authority using social media, email marketing, your website, client consultations, networking and other interactions to share your expertise with others. As you build authority, you build trust. As you build trust, it takes less work to persuade people to take the actions you want them to take.

More marketing ideas are located in our Marketing Guides for our members.

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