June 10, 2020

Tips To Keep Your Beauty Business Booming

Depending on where you are located, some salons are allowed to open and some are not. The Professional Beauty Association recently published some tips on how you can keep your business booming regardless of what stage you are currently in. 

1. Communicate with your clients. “First and foremost, be proactive! Talk with your clients about the situation and understand what they’re comfortable with. Make sure they understand that if they’re not feeling well, it’s best for everyone to skip services. While this may seem counter-productive, your clients will appreciate your understanding and continue to rely on you long after this is over.” (American Salon)

2. Keep posting on social media. Even if you aren’t back at the salon, show off your previous work for #TransformationTuesday, #ThrowbackThursday or just because! Keep those looks coming and let followers know that you are thinking about them and miss them just as much as they miss you. 

If you’re back at the salon, start posting about all of the safety measures you are taking to keep your clients safe. Let them know your safety protocols and have fun with it. Take some photos in your mask and with your cleaning supplies. Your clients want to know they are safe!

3. Be flexible with scheduling. Because you want your clients to be honest with you about their health, waive any cancellation fees you may have previously had. If they are sick, you want them to stay home. Be flexible about this going forward. 

4. Expand your services by up-selling. With many of your clients being out of the salon for months, highlight services that they could benefit from. One of the many benefits of being with the Suite Elite is that you can sell the products you love and receive 100% of the profits. Up-sell products that they can use at home between services.

5. Referrals! Ask your clients to refer friends and family for your services. As a Suite Elite Member, you also have access to beauty professionals that you work with right down the hall. Form a partnership with some beauty professionals to refer each other for services. If you are an expert colorist, send someone down the hall for a trim, then to the esthetician down the hall for lashes. Work together and form a referral partnership. 

6. Gift Cards. Did you know that as a Suite Elite Member, you have an eStore where you can sell eGift Cards? This is a great way to earn some income right now for future visits if you are still waiting to return. 

7. Offer curbside product pickups or drop offs. “If your salon isn’t open yet, you can still help your clients care for their hair. Offer care and styling products for curbside pickup.”(American Salon) Check out our previous blog post in April for ideas. 

And finally, an extra suite tip: One-on-one salon suites are the safest way to return to the salon for beauty professionals and their clients. Let your clients know that your salon suite is safe and clean and that you have followed the 4 Steps To Reopen Safely as Suite Elite Members. 

1. INFORM | Educate yourself and discover your resources

2. PREPARE | Take all steps necessary to open safe and strong

3. ON-GOING | Systems to put in place to protect and be responsible community members

4. UPGRADING THE CLIENT EXPERIENCE | Evolve to new ways to communicate, protect and report to your clients and community

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