April 28, 2021

Tips to Keep Your Suite Super Clean and Super Safe

At MY SALON Suite and Salon Plaza, we’ve always been dedicated to being super clean and super safe. Keeping you and your clients safe should be a top priority every day in your salon suite- even before COVID-19. Now, your clients rely on your safe, one-on-one salon suite’s cleanliness and safety. Below are steps to proper disinfection provided by BARBICIDE®:

  1. Wash non-porous item using either soap/water or a chemical cleaner (Ship-Shape®)
  2. Rinse and dry item
  3. Immerse, wipe or spray your item with an appropriate disinfectant (BARBICIDE®)
  4. Adhere to contact time listed on the label. It might say something like “ensure the item is fully immersed for 10 minutes” or “surface must stay visibly wet for 2 full minutes”. The time referenced is for how long it takes to destroy every pathogen listed on the label.
  • BARBICIDE® Concentrate immersion contact time: 10 minutes
  • BARBICIDE® Spray contact time: 10 minutes
  • BARBICIDE® Wipes contact time: 2 minutes

There are other things you can do to protect yourself, your clients and everyone around you.

  1. Wash your hands frequently, scrubbing with bubbles for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Disinfect common use surfaces such as reception areas, phones, computers and iPad payment systems frequently.
  3. Stay home when sick and encourage those around you to do the same.

Demonstrate your dedication to providing a safe salon experience and get certified with the Barbicide Certification online courses. There is the standard BARBICIDE® Certification Course and a NEW BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Certification Course. The new BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Certification Course “is designed to present the most current information that is pertinent to the Professional Beauty Professional. This information changes daily, but the guidelines for the Professional Beauty industry are likely to remain consistent in the short term.”

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