Kisha Anderson

MANIfique Salon Suite

12373 Hornsby Lane, Suite 405
Newport News Virginia 23602

Here we focus on consistent quality. Also on making each visit about you and you only. Each appointment is tailored exclusively for you from music to nail color. It’s MANIfique is full service nail Conseire. We offer all nail services and flexible hours. After hour appointments are available with advance notice. All of our tools undergo a 2 step cleaning process which ensures sterilization and sanitation. We also do our best to accommodate appreciate and associate ourselves with the complete happiness of our clients. We have worked very hard to give our clients an atmosphere where they know that what they want is what they will receive. Each service is explained in its entirety from price point to expectation of product. This is the it’s MANIfique way consistent quality, personalized service and not being the average nail salon.


  • Nails

  • Manicure

  • Nails

  • Pedicure