April 15, 2020

Follow Through With Your Goals While The Salon Doors Are Closed

If you are a Suite Elite Member, you have been following our Suite Elite & Friends Webinar. Many of the industry leaders we have had as guests have spoken about the need for goal setting during salon closures. Geno Stampora, Beauty Business coach and consultant said “If there is hope in the future, there is power in the present.” So what can you focus on in the present? Your professional and personal goals. Our friend Derrick Zeno, Goldwell National Artistic Team Member said, “remember, what you focus on will grow.”

Remember to write down your daily, weekly and monthly goals. Divide your goals into your professional and personal goals. 

Personal Goals: Pick chores, projects, laundry, working out, your children’s routines and schoolwork. Don’t forget to squeeze in some self care time for yourself. Write them down and see where in your day, week or month you can accomplish these goals and stick to them. John DiJulius of the DiJulius group outlined some great ideas and opportunities that you can take advantage of with your time at home. 

Professional Goals: Just like your personal goals, create a list of your professional goals that you would like to accomplish before you head back into the salon. Is it to focus on your marketing or your brand? Is it to take more continuing education classes or offer a new service once the salon is open? This is a golden opportunity to reinvent yourself and your business. Your business can be stronger because of this forced time off if you take every opportunity you can. John DiJulius asked in our Suite Elite & Friends webinar, “what are you consuming to make sure you are the smartest and best person at what you do?”

Research online courses that are offered during this time. Many are free for salon professionals. For Suite Elite Members, make sure you are receiving the Suite Elite Connect newsletter to learn about the free courses being offered for Suite Elite Members. 

Take the time to focus on the aspects of your business that you have not been able to focus on before. The last blog post discussed ways to promote your salon suite business from home. Build up marketing content for you to use when you reopen. Focus on your brand and evaluate the services you offer for your clients. 

Prepare and set goals for the comeback: When you return to your salon suite business, you will be busier than ever. Not only because your clients have regrowth and need haircuts and nails done but because of that human connection they’ve been missing. Make sure you decide now how many hours you plan to put in that first month. If you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, stick to your plan and goals for the comeback. Reach out to your clients and make sure they are on the calendar and let them know you can’t wait to see them. 

“We will all come out stronger with a stronger industry to work in with lots of newness to come our way.”- Geno Stampora, Suite Elite & Friends Webinar

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