The MY SALON Suite Franchise Story

MY SALON Suite grew from a mom and pop salon to a multi-million-dollar franchise. We hope you will join us as the MY SALON Suite franchise story continues to unfold.

A Sweet Suite Story

Before MY SALON Suite, President and CEO Ken McAllister served for 20 years in key executive-level management positions for the oil and gas industry. Throughout his career, Ken’s focus has been to create jobs and drive business expansion.

  • Ken McAllister

    A Growing Family

    When Ken and his wife, Alanna, had children, they knew the importance of flexibility in the workforce. Alanna stayed opened and raised their children while Ken traveled all over the United States working for other people. When their youngest child entered high school, they began searching for the right opportunity to provide them with the lifestyle they wanted for themselves and others.

    Alanna’s uncle introduced them to the salon suite concept, and Ken and Alanna built their first MY SALON Suite in Metairie, Louisiana, in 2010.

  • MY SALON Suite Franchise Story Begins

    The McAllisters hadn’t even completed construction on their first salon suite before Ken and Alanna signed the lease for their second location just six miles down the road. They built their third MY SALON Suite in Sarasota, Florida, in 2012, one year later. That’s when the MY SALON Suite franchise story truly began.

  • MY SALON Suite Franchise Grows

    The locations proved so successful that MY SALON Suite began expanding across North America from 2012 through 2015. With Ken’s expertise in driving business expansion, he knew it was time to kick things into high gear.

    MY SALON Suite partnered with Salon Plaza to further drive the growth of the business. With Salon Plaza’s more than 25 years of salon operation experience, the partnership was able to provide unmatched knowledge and support for all franchise partners.

    Since partnering in 2015, My SALON Suite and Salon Plaza have exploded to more than 180 locations open and operating across the country. And the MY SALON Suite franchise story just keeps getting sweeter. There are currently 300 locations under development in the United States and Canada.

There is so much more growth to occur

This business opportunity has grown so much since 2012, and there is so much more growth to occur. Our vision is to offer salon suites in over 500 locations over the next 5 years.

Ken McAllister CEO and Founder

How is Suite Management Franchising Different From Its Competitors?

MY SALON Suite has broken the stranglehold that traditional salons have on stylists and clients everywhere. Privacy, safety, and cleanliness are all too important for Americans, and MY SALON Suite emulates that sense of security throughout the franchise system.

Our Members have deep roots within the health and beauty profession, and they continue to help bring so much fun and creativity to every franchise. The salon suite system is designed so Members still have the freedom to enjoy the synergy that comes from working near other beauty professionals, while being in their own beautiful, private environment to keep themselves, and their clients, comfortable and safe.

Franchise partners also serve as business coaches to hairstylists, massage therapists and others looking for the opportunity to run their own business. Our franchise partners have the comprehensive training and resources they need to help Members see their dreams come to fruition.

Thanks to our extensive training and ample resources, our franchise partners have the knowledge, management skills and spaces to make independent beauty professionals more successful. No salon ownership required.  We focus on growing our people, growing their lives, and growing their earnings!

  • My Salon Suite Hallway Photo

    Best in Class Accommodations

    Our best-in-class accommodations give our Members everything needed to set their suite up for style and success. See some of the many amenities offered to all our Members.

    It’s more than our suite design that reflects our dedication to supporting salon entrepreneurs. It’s our commitment to our Mission, Vision and Values. Our community lives by these simple ideals; it’s our FLAIR Commitment. We encourage all our franchise partners to create a community that inspires and nurtures salon entrepreneurs.

  • A New Day for Salon Professionals

    Salons and beauty services are a growing franchise sector, with reports showing an annual industry growth rate of 8.5 percent.

    That makes this an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurially-minded individuals. Whether you want to grow your current business venture or explore franchising as an option, a salon industry franchise can help give you the freedom and income you’re looking for.

    Why are salon suites seeing such a burst of popularity over traditional salons? In a word: Ownership. In a salon suite, the stylist rents their own private, enclosed space. Because all the stylists pay is rent, the rest of their income stays with their business. No commissions necessary.

Private Suites


Salon suites are very private, and each suite has four walls and its own door. For clients who appreciate the one-on-one interaction with the stylist, this is a big selling point. Ask your friends how many things they tell their stylist that would be considered “personal or private” to their stylist?


Stylists in salon suites are given the flexibility to book appointments that fit into their schedules. Perhaps the stylist would like to work one night a week. They adjust their schedule accordingly.

Retail Space

Stylists in traditional salons are often incentivized to sell products and retail items on a very small commission – sometimes 10% or less. In a salon suite, stylists make 100 percent commission by selling products they believe in.


Unlike the experience in a traditional salon, in a salon suite, they’re taking the first step in building their personal brand.

Entrepreneurial Goals

The creative and entrepreneurial individuals who thrive in the salon suite atmosphere is just that: Entrepreneurs. They have discovered within themselves a desire to create an experience larger than them and serve their community with the best salon, grooming and styling services on the market. Everything from their equipment to the atmosphere of their suite reflects who they are as stylists.

Group picture of suite owners


  • F


    Approach every interaction with joy and happiness.

  • L


    Take care of yourself, each other and the community.

  • A


    Imagine the possibilities, freedom to be you.

  • I


    Influence, discover and grow.

  • R


    Reduce costs, minimize risk and maximize profit.

Our Members are artists who have been dreaming of owning their own business for years. These stylists are passionate about their look and visual elements. They feel connected to their space. Each artist wants to create their own brand — their own FLAIR™!

Our salon suite atmosphere empowers stylists to share who they are as individuals and connect with their clients. Many stylists have worked their way up through the ranks. They may have started at budget-friendly salons and only know about renting a chair and paying dues to their salon. For salon professionals who made the move to MY SALON Suite, three out of four report an increase in their earnings!

As their skills grow, so does their passion for the craft. Eventually, it’s time for stylists to leave the nest. This entrepreneurial ladder leads straight to MY SALON Suite.

Get in the Business of Building Dreams

Thanks to a growing market and a motivated, dynamic industry of creative professionals, salon suite franchises are exploding in popularity. Learn how you can take advantage of this growing movement while also helping others achieve their dreams of business ownership. Write your MY SALON Suite franchise story and get information on your franchise today!

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    • An ability to financially maintain your lifestyle for 9 to 12 months during pre-opening and ramp-up stages
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