The MY SALON Suite Franchise Team

The MY SALON Suite franchise team is the best in the business, and our system will help you be the best in your business.

Providing world-class support isn’t just talk — it’s a promise. Here are the executive managers along with their teams who will guide and coach you through the entire franchise process, from site selection to multi-unit growth.

  • Support for Members

    Members also benefit from support by the MY SALON Suite franchise team. This includes access to an integrated scheduling and payment processing system for the stylists to run their businesses. Members will have access to an online site to buy beauty products to sell to their clients. They also have the option to participate in facility-wide events, such as philanthropic programs and community outreach efforts.

    The MY SALON Suite franchise team offers a program for ongoing training for Members. The business model consists of franchise partners working closely with Members on several levels to run the salon suites. This successful model has been proven time and time again in multiple markets across North America.

Meet Our Executive Team

  • Ken McAllister

    Ken McAllister is the co-founder and President of Suite Management Franchising. Founded in 2012, Suite Management Franchising, LLC is the established franchising subsidiary of MY SALON Suite and Salon Plaza. In addition to his executive role within the company, Ken also owns and operates three MY SALON Suite locations with his wife, Alanna.

    McAllister has experience in management and business development across a variety of industries and fields. He guides the salon suite franchise team in their efforts to grow the reach and resonance of the brands and franchise system.

    McAllister, a civil engineering graduate from Virginia Military Institute, has served in multiple executive and managerial roles for companies in the oil and gas industry. He served as Armortec Vice President and was Business Development Manager at Tensar Corporation. During this time, his focus was to drive business expansion and create jobs. This philosophy continues and is furthered through franchising.

  • Stacy Eley

    Eley is responsible for increasing revenue and profitability through effective leadership, innovation, and operational efficiencies. She promotes collaboration among franchisees and the franchisor. She displays operational standards and provides coaching, training, and ongoing education to help our franchise partners be their best.

    Prior to joining Suite Management Franchising, Eley held high-level positions in the fitness franchise industry. She planned, executed, and directed strategic initiatives for brand expansion, training, and communication.

    As the Chief Operating Officer of Suite Management Franchising, Eley is the operational lead of the salon suite franchise team. She works behind the scenes with brand executives and on the ground with the regional managers.

    Eley has worked with Suite Management Franchising for nearly a decade in a number of franchise support and expansion roles. She has been a part of franchise development initiatives at nearly every level of the established process.

  • James Stennett

    James Stennett is the Vice President of Construction of Suite Management Franchising.

    Stennett works as a liaison between franchisees and the home office to help MY SALON Suite and Salon Plaza franchise owners build their salon suites across the nation. His experience includes critical contract negotiation, sales, and budgeting. Stennett is a valuable resource in getting franchisees up and running in a short amount of time.

    Prior to joining Suite Management Franchising, Stennett held managerial positions in the manufacturing and construction industries. Stennett is the backbone of the salon suite franchise team. He is known for his skills and experience in financing and construction logistics and execution. His work in helping the franchise brands expand across North America is instrumental to the success of Suite Management Franchising.